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Index Clerk Resume

An inventory clerk resume brings out the candidate's interests and expertise pertaining to inventory management, and his proficiency in performing associated functions. It also puts forth your skills and abilities for the reader's judgment, and an ideal resume connects the employee's aspirations with the vision of the employer. Your job application is the only official tool through which you can market your abilities, and get your intentions communicated to the employer. Ideally comprising of a resume, a covering letter, and associated enclosures, every detail that is projected through your application must hold adequate relevance to the job scenario you're in. Generally, your application is reviewed by a busy recruiter, who hardly spends more than a minute to read through your resume. This calls in for space planning and shedding of the general or mundane facts, so as to facilitate the reader with a brief, yet highly informative and satisfactory reading experience.

Framing your career objective

Ideally, every resume features a career objective, generally at the start of the resume, which acts as a bridge between the candidate's interests and the overall vision of the organization. See the sample resume for an inventory clerk given below, and study the objective carefully. It is framed with efficiency so that it not only draws the reader's interests, but also provides an outline of your profile. Effective sentence construction is as important as including the information, and you as a jobseeker must strive to achieve perfection in the arrangement of contents. Try clubbing multiple details together into one sentence, carefully avoiding pronouns such as "I", or "my"; instead replace them with "us", "we", or "our", or even "your", while addressing your vision.

Profile summary

One great way to customize the layout of your resume is by summarizing your work experience into one short section comprising of about 6-8 points, as shown in the sample resume below. Here, you need to explain only those roles that you have played, which hold utmost significance when compared to the specifications of the job you're seeking. Shed the mundane. Common responsibilities do not add any value or personal appeal to your application. In fact, recruiters may often become disinterested, if they come across generic information. A good way to know what a recruiter comes looking for in your application, is by contacting the company and discussing their needs. This will leave you with a clear image of the reader's expectations, which in turn will facilitate the organization of details and the presentation of your qualities.

Given below is a free sample resume for an inventory control clerk. Observe and adopt its layout, study the contents, and customize them according to your needs, before you actually include them in your resume. Entirely copying the contents of the sample is most likely to result in a generic resume that lacks personal appeal. Note that you may also include your accomplishments, provided that they hold some relevance to the job profile you're after. Also, references need not be included if the employer has not specified. If you're asked to mention references, include the contact details of any two professionals who can provide a review on your performance for those who engage in background check. Otherwise, do as shown in the sample below.

Inventory Control Clerk Resume Sample

Carolyn W. Brown
874 Briarwood Road
Springfield, MO 65806
(417) 831-8466


Inventory Clerk, with over three years of experience in handling the procurement and stock control of a multi-national company, seeks an opportunity to further get to the core of inventory management, and serve for professional advancement, in conjunction with the established objectives of your organization.

Executive Summary:

  • Recorded and managed the daily movement (inward and outward) of stocks
  • Maintained the records pertaining to the value and quantity of materials procured and stocked
  • Constantly kept track of resources and materials within the organization, to ensure optimal support for sales activities
  • Checked the procures and stored goods for damages, and reported it to supervisors for corrective actions
  • Assisted the procurement manager in completing requisition forms
  • Coordinated with other staffs to record and stock the received goods, ensuring proper storage and distribution
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of the stocks room, and the security of the stored materials

Key Skills:

  • Strong interpersonal skills, facilitating the regulation of interdepartmental communication
  • Efficient in time management, ability to prioritize tasks effectively, according to their order of importance
  • Expert in packaging and labeling goods for easy organization and access
  • Ability to interpret and analyze statistical and mathematical data
  • Immune to stress and pressure during critical situations, excellent problem solving skills

Employment History:

2009 - 2012
Pods Prime Inc - Springfield, MO
Inventory Clerk


Certificate Diploma in Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles, 2008
Ozarks Community College - Springfield, MO
Placed in grade B


Available upon request

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