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Imaging Clerk Resume

The resume of an imaging clerk covers the candidate's expertise, with respect to file correspondence in alpha-numerical order, or according to the established filing systems within an organization. While it acts as a tool for communicating your interests to the employer, it also highlights your proficiency in organizing, safeguarding, locating, distributing, and providing access to the archived files and images. As you may be aware of, your job application comprises of a cover letter, a resume, and few associated enclosures, where the cover letter introduces the reader to your interests, and acts as a medium to express your longing for the opportunity and show how capable you are. Alongside, the resume stresses on your experience, and brings to light your qualities and skill sets that match the specifications of the job profile you're seeking.

Before you begin

Just before you start compiling your application, you need to know the employer's vision, and understand the job description very well, so that you'll know what exactly you need to present, in order to gain the confidence of the reader. A good way to ensure that you get a clear idea of their expectations is to simply contact the company and discuss with one of its recruiters regarding your application or their requirements. This way, you'll know what details you need to exclude while stating your professional background.

Organize, shed, customize

Now, jot down all that you can think of in a rough piece of paper, out of which you are to separate the most significant details from those that lack adequate relevance to your job situation. Eliminating all mundane information helps you to keep your resume highly specific to the job position you're seeking. This in turn facilitates the reader with a quick, yet highly informative read. Often, standard resume formats do not fulfill the needs of personalization, and you might need to manipulate the layout of your resume, so as to impart significant personal appeal to your application. The sample of imaging clerk resume shown below features a profile summary, which quantifies the candidate's work experience by highlighting the roles she has played in her previous employments, and elaborating only those aspects that hold utmost relevance to the specifications of the new job. This section is an efficient substitute for the previous job descriptions, which are otherwise stated along with the employment details.

The career objective

Ideally every resume should contain a career objective, which connects the candidate's aspirations to the vision of the employer. Also, in the sample below, you'll see that the objective not only expresses the candidate's longing for the opportunity, but also provides a brief outline of her professional qualification, such as her current designation, amount of experience, and her area of expertise. One must strive to frame such an effective objective, which not only draws the reader's attention, but also helps him form an image of your profile in his mind.

Given below is a free sample resume for an imaging clerk. Observe its layout carefully and adopt the idea of customization. Note that if you copy the entire contents of the sample onto your resume, then the resulting application is likely to lack personal appeal, and hence may disinterest the recruiter. You may also include the details of your accomplishments, provided that they hold some relevance to the employment situation you're in.

Imaging Clerk Resume Sample

Pauline S. Gruber
2600 Wilson Avenue
Irving, TX 75038
(972) 550-8869


Imaging Clerk, with over two years of experience in generating, safeguarding, and providing access to archived images and files, seeks an opportunity to implement advanced organizational and clerical skills, and stay parallel to the company's vision to ensure smooth developmental process.

Executive Summary:

  • Compiled, prepared, and organized soft and hard files pertaining to in-house records, as well as those provided by clients and customers
  • Maintained documented proofs of contractual agreements and records of completed sales and services rendered
  • Generated brief copies of drawings, invoices, blueprints, and schematics for storage, distribution, and access
  • Utilized expert technical knowledge to adjust angles and light exposures, so as to generate lucid images and text documents
  • Maintained logs for recording completed projects and updating daily functions and business activities
  • Assisted co-employees in accessing archived electronic files and images
  • Worked as an office clerk for 1 year, providing essential clerical and administrative support facilitating daily business activities and transactions

Skills and Abilities:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills facilitating regulated interdepartmental communication
  • Proficient in the use of computers, scanners, photocopiers, and associated imaging software
  • Sound organizational skills, ability to perform more than one tasks at a time
  • Efficient in remote storage, numeric and alpha filing systems
  • Highly self motivated, with a vision for accuracy and business expansion
  • Ability to interpret statistical, scientific, graphical, and mathematical data

Work Experience:

2010 - present
Bain & Company - Irving, TX
Imaging Clerk

2009 - 2010
Pioneer Flint - Richardson, TX
Office Clerk


Completed high school diploma from The Highlands School, 2008
Placed in grade B+


Available upon request

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