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Gas Station Clerk Resume

A gas station clerk resume highlights the candidate's expertise in providing gas/fuel service to automobiles, and overlook/administer the transactions and inventory pertaining to such services rendered, within a given gas station. As it explains your professional background, it also acts as an effective mediator between you and the employer, putting forth your fundamental skills and knowledge for the reader's consideration. It quantifies your vision, bringing into light your career related goals and aspirations. It's a profile reader, as well as a tool for marketing your abilities. It is therefore said that one must know and understand the employer's vision before they go about drafting an application. This is for the simple fact that one needs to know what to advertise, before they even think of marketing their profile.

Although your application speaks about your qualities, your application needs to be employer-centered, in order to gain the confidence of the reader, and ensure that your application/profile is considered as desirable.

Before you start writing the resume, try organizing all the information according to their significance, jotting down all essential elements pertaining to your professional experience, and selecting those that possess utmost relevance to the needs of the employer. You can easily get to know the employer's needs by talking to one of the recruiters and discussing the job specifications, which will give you a clear picture of their expectations from you as a potential candidate. Once you have a lucid image as to what you need to present, all you have to do is sort them according to their significance.

Start your resume by mentioning your contact details, followed by a career objective, which not only states your vision, but also acts as a title to your profile. Refer to the sample of gas station clerk resume given below, and study the sentence construction of its objective. You'll notice that the objective is comprised of several details, such as the current designation, the area of expertise, and the amount of experience, while it also expresses your willingness to serve and your longing to grow within the specified field of interest.

Following your objective, include a profile summary, which should be comprised of about six to eight points that signify your previous job roles, although only the most important ones. Observe the construction of sentences of each bulleted point in the resume sample below, and note how efficiently they are arranged, so as to draw the attention of the reader. This, you must achieve, if you wish to keep your reader engaged in your application. Be as specific as you can to the job position that you are seeking. Similarly, compose your Key skills section, bearing in mind to skip out on all mundane qualities or general skill sets that you possess, as they do not add value to your profile. You may also include your accomplishments in the profile summary or as a separate section, immediately following your educational details. References can be skipped if the employer has not specified.

Given below is a free sample of a gas station clerk resume for your reference. Adopt its layout and study the arrangement of contents. Browse to find more resume templates and cover letter samples.

Slick S. Rowsey
988 Bobcat Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20904
(240) 882-7100


Gas Station Assistant, with over 3 years of experience in performing sales transactions and minor automobile maintenance, seeks an opportunity to represent the business, delivering optimal performance while developing essential skills and knowledge for further growth within the field of retail management.

Profile Summary:

  • Involved in cashiering, performing cash and credit card transactions, and generating itemized receipts
  • Overlooked the stocking of shelves with automobile accessories as well as ready-to-eat food items
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of the station, organized trash according to their uses in recycling and disposed them
  • Assist the Order Clerk in the preparation of item requisitions and aided in the procurement of goods for sale
  • Refueled vehicles, aided in the replacement of tyres and wiper blades, changing of motor oils and filters, lubrication, and installation of anti-freeze
  • Checked brakes, fluid levels, air pressure, replaced spark plugs, and performed windshield washes
  • Prepared daily and weekly reports showing the total sale of goods and the consumption of fuel
  • Sanitized parking areas and store staff restrooms

Key Skills:

  • Sound mathematical skills, proficient in the interpretation and analysis of statistical reports
  • Excellent time management skills, ability to multitask by prioritizing tasks in the order of importance
  • Quick decisiveness, ability to tackle problematic situations, or occasions involving emergency
  • Excellent customer service skills, effective in written and verbal communication
  • Data entry @ 40 WPM, known languages - English, Spanish

Employment History:

2009 - present
Fenton Citgo - Fenton Street, Silver Spring
Station Assistant


Graduated from Springbrook High School, 2008
Placed in grade A


Available upon request

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