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Finance Clerk Resume

A finance clerk resume highlights the candidate's expertise in preparing and maintaining the financial records of an organization. It quantifies your skills and abilities pertaining to providing intensive clerical and administrative support to the finance department within organizations such as accounting firms, hospitals, hotels, corporations, government agencies etc. Where the cover letter is more of a personal expression of your interests, the resume acts as a link that connects your goals to the vision of the organization. The main purpose of your resume is to market your profile, though you are required to keep it employer-centered, for the simple reason that everyone is looking for what benefits them the most, and here, the recruiter comes looking for answers as to how you will be a potential asset to the company. You need to know and understand their organizational objectives, so that you get a clear idea as to what you need to present, in order to supersede any competition. Remember that your job application is the only official medium through which you can express your willingness to serve and grow. So, take time and extra efforts to craft a highly effective one.

The career objective

The sample of financial clerk resume shown below features a career objective, which has been framed with utmost efficiency, so that it not only communicates the candidate's interests to the employer, but also provides a brief outline of his professional qualification. Essential details such as his current designation, area of expertise, and the amount of experience, have been brought together to form an official title for the resume, while it projects his willingness to share the vision of the company and serve for advancement. Effective sentence construction can work wonders in drawing the reader's attention towards your profile, and definitely adds to the personal appeal of your application.

Customize according to your needs

Often, one might need to customize the layout of a standard resume, so as to enhance its productivity and effectiveness, in terms of gaining the reader's confidence. Customization plays an important role in imparting specificity to your application, so does excluding any general or superficial information. For your application to hold utmost relevance to the specifications of the job you're seeking, you need to reduce your previous job descriptions into a short section, that acts as a summary of your professional background. Study the executive summary featured in the finance clerk resume sample shown below, and take tips in the organization of information and effective sentence construction. A good way to organize your content is to note down all the details that you can think of, on a rough notepad, and then selecting those that match the requirements put down by the employer. Comprising of 6-8 points, all bulleted for better visibility, including this section instead of your previous job descriptions will aid you in optimal space planning, and also work towards keeping the reader all the more engaged in your application.

Similarly, choose to leave out all the commonplace qualities and skill sets that you possess, while stating your skills and abilities. Try to club them all together within 6 points, and if there are more elements to be included, then try clubbing two or more relevant information together into one sentence, as shown in the skills section of the example. Also, you may include the details of your accomplishments, provided that they hold specificity to your employment situation. Ideally, you need to project them in a separate section, following the educational details; however, you may choose to include them in the profile summary, or state them along with the details of your employment or education, whichever is associated with the achievements.

Given below is a free sample resume for a financial clerk. Study and adopt its layout, and strive to achieve uniformity in the flow of information while organizing all details. This website contains over a thousand pages dedicated to providing tips on resume and cover letter writing, including samples for guidance.

Financial Clerk Resume Sample

Tom M. Wiley
1240 Mutton Town Road
Ferndale, WA 98248
(360) 617-8634


Financial Clerk, with over 3 years of experience in the preparation, input, organization, and maintenance of corporate financial records, seeks an opportunity to undertake advanced clerical and administrative responsibilities; seeking excellence within the financial sector of business, with an objective that runs parallel to that of your organization.

Executive Summary:

  • Performed clerical duties pertaining to customer reporting and invoicing, pay roll, financial agreements etc
  • Compiled financial data and posted journal entries via ConnectWise
  • Responsible for investigating customer complaints and inquiries concerning billing, itemization, or invoicing, and coordinated with the Financial Manager to determine potential measures to resolve the situation
  • Compiled daily and weekly sales reports for all products and services
  • Coordinated between the clients and financial officers, and scheduled appointments via phone and email
  • Reviewed financial reports prepared by supervisors, and check for errors or any discrepancies, before forwarding it to the corporate office
  • Updated and reconciled sub-ledgers to general ledger, maintained cash applications

Key Skills:

  • Proficient in the use of computers and accounting software, data entry @ 45 WPM
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, facilitating optimal customer service
  • Strong ability to interpret, analyze, and summarize mathematical and accounting data
  • Expert in account reconciling, close attention to detail for zero errors
  • Sound knowledge of all accounting principles and financial practices

Work Experience:

2009 - 2012
Quinlan Companies Inc - Ferndale, WA
Financial Clerk


Diploma in Accounting and Financial Principles, 2008
Charter College - Bellingham, WA
Placed in grade B


Available on request.

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