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Advertising Clerk Resume

Advertising is an interesting field wherein a lot of functions are involved. In order to perform each functions effectively, a number of individuals are posted in one or the other field to complete their responsibilities and duties. In the same manner, advertising clerk is appointed by the firm for the effective performance of data handling of the firm.

An advertising clerk is the one who collects orders from the client and then processes them into data. He/she receives orders for advertisements, materials and many more services provided by the agency which include renting materials and repairing hardware. Along with this, he/she also has the role to be played to inform the client' about processing of the order.

To know more about the key roles and functions of an advertising clerk, read the following section. It will help you to understand the roles played by this clerk so that you can distinguish its role from other clerical positions.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Compiling advertising orders from the clients and submitting them for publishing

  • Verifying the published orders with the original content for billing purpose

  • Reviewing orders of the advertising agencies with the client's orders

  • Maintaining database based on the client's order, delivery and billing purpose
  • Computing cost of advertisement using rate chart based on date, size, number of insertions, position and other requirements

  • Scanning publication to locate published advertisement

  • Filing pending order data on the receipt for publication

Apart from the above responsibilities, he/she has some other work as well like taking caring of the fact that the orders are met in time and maintaining coordination with the staffs and publishers. In this way, an Advertising clerk resume should be quite different from the resumes of clerical job of other fields. It must include the specification of the role played by you in your previous organization.

Edgar L. Gingrich
668 Farnum Road
New York, NY 10016

Phone: 259-433-6265

Email Address:


To work with esteemed interest and dedication to meet organizational requirement and to deliver the best performance in the company's future aspects. Also, to work with coordination with other staff in order to improve efficiency.


  • Worked for advertising clerical post for 3 years

  • Extensive knowledge in handling routine clerical work

  • Proficient in maintaining database for client's record

  • Excellent in maintaining coordination between client and advertising agencies

  • Ability to evaluate and analyze the differences in the published material

  • Skilled in data entry and drafting memos and invoices

  • Expertise in noting the customer's requirement


  • Effective written and oral communication skills

  • Effective persuasive skills to persuade clients to accept the given price

  • Work prioritizing and time management skills

  • Interpersonal and project management skills

Technical Skills

  • Excellent in Database Management(DBMS) functions

  • Spreadsheet management and report generation

  • Certification in Advanced Information Technology Management


  • Masters in Business Management from Alfred University, New York

  • Bachelor in Fine Arts from Lona College, New York

  • Diploma in Database Management

Professional Experience:

URA Advertising Industries Pvt. Ltd. New York
Designation: Advertising Clerk

Duration 2010 to Present

Role and Responsibilities

  • Dealing with receiving and compiling advertising orders from the clients

  • Maintaining customer's data based on the orders placed, delivery and payment details and making changes in them accordingly

  • Confirming orders from the client and then coordinating with publishers

  • Differentiating orders of different client and arranging them according to the priorities

  • Sending mail to the clients for outstanding amount

  • Making purchase order for the publishers

Stars Advertisers, New York
Designation: Advertising Clerk and Administration

Duration 2008 to 2010

Role and Responsibilities

  • Compiled data of the clients and updating them time to time

  • Verified the published data and then tallying it with the specifications made by the client

  • Coordinating with the administration to acquire rented equipments

  • Tagging the orders and passing them to the billing department


  • Rewarded with effective performance in performing clerical function and coordinating with the staffs and colleague


  • Associated with Charitable Trust Board since 2005 and made contribution in that trust board

Mobility and Flexibility

Worked with two different firms, therefore well aware of the work culture and know how of the job and its responsibilities. Ready to tackle any difficult situation with much ease and interpersonal skills. Also, ability to handle multiple task at a time, meeting the target.


I, hereby declare that all statements made are true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Edgar L. Gingrich

In this way, you get a concrete knowledge of the job description for the post of Advertising Clerk. It shows the roles and responsibilities which are much more different from the usual clerical job. This job comes with a bigger role to play in the field of advertising. Therefore, with this sample resume, prepare an advertising clerk resume highlighting your experience and your skills.

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