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Business Owner Resume

Why is it written?

A business owner resume is written by a person who has his own business and yet, somehow needs another job in a company, may be to earn even more than what he is earning through his business currently. He, through this resume, will need to mention about his acquired skills and experience in the related field. The resume must clarify the reason for how does the applicant exactly intend on benefiting the company's business through his skills and experience, if he gets selected for the job.

When your business is not doing that great and for this reason, you feel like earning your living as an employee with some other company then such a kind of resume is written. Since there is a gap between your application and last job holding, you need to construct a suitable resume that concentrates on your skills rather than your previous employment details; it should justify your skills for the kind of job at hand. These skills are to be suitably stated along with the supporting information on how you used those skills at your previous work to meet the targets. Besides, there are many other common skills that every employee must possess. Make it a point to mention them, if possible.

Another key for writing a good resume is to research properly about the prospective employer's company in order to know about its mission and vision and gauge the kind of work and ethics that are expected from you as an employee. You can then structure your resume properly in those terms to give the recruiter just what he is looking for in an application.

Go through this business owner resume in order to grasp accurately the nuances involved in its writing.

Mark Andrews
12, North 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 9002


Seeking the senior manager position in a well-known company as yours in order to use my collected experience of proprietary and human resource management in the field of customer service and sales and keep the customers satisfied and happy.

Profile Summary:

4 years of extensive experience as a owner of a business of my own (in the field of publishing). Publisher of 6 titles under the company's name till date. Developed a strong sense of business and good knowledge of the print industry. Excellent knowledge of managerial tasks and the ways of tackling human resource problems.

Skills Summary:

  • Strong planning skills for benefiting the hiring company on the whole
  • Efficient at organizing all the resources for getting the desired results out of business deals and operations
  • Ability to exhibit excellent leadership skills, learned and polished over years of hard work in the print and publishing industry
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

Work Experience:

Business Proprietor (2010-Present)
JP Publishing House, Lancaster, South Carolina

Responsibilities Include:

  • Owner of the publication house
  • Involved in direct contact with the buyers and sellers of the written content, also with the writers for first hand sales dealings
  • Planned and strategized the marketing moves to get a wider range and reach in the market
  • Kept the publishing and marketing team in close loop in the development stage of all the new projects and thought of new, innovative ways of launching and promoting books
  • Conducted regular meetings with the distributors
  • Planned fair rates for copyrights and royalty issues

Education Details:

  • Master's Degree in Business Management (specialization in Sales and Marketing), University of Florida, FL, 2010
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts, University of Florida, FL, 2008


(Whatever your professional achievements are, make a list of them and put it here for the reader to interpret.)


Available on request

This is how a business owner resume is written. Keep the language as simple as possible, divide the information under clear sections and sub-sections. It is also very important to stick to the necessary details only; they all have to be related to your relevant professional experience. In such a kind of resume, one will have to stress on his managerial capabilities more than anything else. Also, keep the length of your resume short - up to one or two pages is more than enough. Lengthy resumes are usually avoided by the recruiters, as they are very time consuming to read. To prevent this from happening, start with a very crisp and impressive job objective statement.

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