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Transactional Attorney Resume

Job Description:

A transactional attorney plays a critical and important role in almost all business transactions. The attorney has to represent his/her client in the court and argue on behalf of the client in the law suit filed against. The business world has much legislative compliance to be handled by the transactional attorney only.

Any attorney, who is a certified law practitioner, can be appointed as a transactional attorney, but the business people prefer experienced transactional attorneys with specialised knowledge in business laws. A transactional attorney should have good communication and interpretation skills. He or she should possess negotiating talents and must be a litigation expertise to represent the clients.

While handling a case, the transactional attorney should ensure that the deal is completed at a lower cost. The attorney has to plan and prepare document development policies in respect of the business proceedings of the organisation. The transactional attorney has to tackle the day to day legal activities in connection with a business, like drafting business deeds and necessary documents.

Kevin I
704, Hanover Street
Phone: 917-670-0201

Job Objective:

I am trying to acquire a position of transactional attorney in a big business organisation with a hope to increase the positive track record of the company by using my skills and long experience.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I have good experience in negotiating contracts and am expressive and good at drafting a report or document.
  • I can easily handle the vendors, contractors and manufacturers and negotiate with them regarding business deals.
  • I have deep knowledge in the provisions of contract laws and software licensing procedures.
  • I have excellent communication skills in verbal form as well as in written form to have negotiations with the people.
  • I can co-operate with a group regarding any discussion and decision making and at the same time can take firm decisions independently as and when warranted.
  • I can work very fast and know which issue to be given priority over other issues when handling multi tasks.

Professional Experience:

I am presently working as a transactional attorney in Adams Group of Companies in Pennsylvania from July, 2007 to till date and my organisational responsibilities are defined below.

  • I have drafted and executed business dealings as regards to the sales of products and services.
  • I am always in the forefront in advising the managements in all sorts of business activities.
  • I have successfully managed the outside counsel in support of the foregoing.
  • I have planned strategies and executed the plans in processed improvements and business development.

Prior to the above assignment I was working as a transactional attorney in ABC Corporation in Oregon from June, 2004 to June, 2007. During my tenure I have handled the following dealings successfully in favour of the management.

  • I was in charge of preparing contractual deeds and agreements specifying the terms and conditions of the contracts.
  • I had advised the client about the updated business laws and advised in meeting the basic legislative requirements in running a business.
  • I had met the business clients often and apprised them about the negotiations and the deviations, if any, in mutual acceptable terms.
  • I had initiated law proceeding in the court of law as and when I found any breach of contract by the business partners of the client.

Educational Qualifications:

I possess a degree in Bachelor's of Law from a reputed University in Pennsylvania.
I also possess a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.
I am bar council member in New York.


References are available on request.

It is a fact that no one can underestimate the importance of a resume. Submission of a resume is to capture the personal attention of the employer and to create a first and best impression about you.

While you are seeking a position of a transactional attorney, you have to prepare a transactional attorney resume and submit the same for the perusal of the employers. The importance of transactional attorney resume is to list your accomplishments, skills, experience and your qualifications, provided these data are pertaining to the job to which you are applying for.

You must understand that resume writing is a kind of self promotion. You should not fail to list your achievements and talents while preparing the details of transactional attorney resume. These details should make the employer understand that you are a true and efficient candidate for the post, the employer is looking for.

Restrict your resume to utmost two pages and you have to furnish your special skills, accomplishments, etc. in your Curriculum Vitae, which can be longer than two pages. Further, if you have a long and substantial work history, it is better to prepare your resume in chronological format. The speciality in this format is that you give the work experience in the reverse order so that the recent position can find a place at the top of the resume.

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