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Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney Resume

A medical malpractice defense attorney resume is written by a e person who has a good amount of knowledge in the field of medical law and the related malpractices. He should have a good amount of experience of dealing in such cases and should know his way in and out of all those tricky jargons and strategies that these medical institutions play in order to fix their errors.

Following are some of the tips that need to be kept in mind while writing this resume.

  • Set the priority for information - When the recruiter looks at the resume he should find the most impressive and the most important information right on. This is why it is recombined that you put the most impressive info about yourself in the beginning of all the sections.

  • Length doesn't matter here, content does - It is important to understand that the reader is not interested in the length of your resume but the content that is to be found there.

  • Be formal - The language of your resume needs to be formal and simple. It is important as this is an important official document and plays an important role in basing your chances of getting the job.

  • Use different sections - It is for the clarity and structure of your resume that you are advised to use separate sections like work experience, education, skills, etc in your resume. It will make easier for the reader to find the needed information in the whole of your resume.

Following is a medical malpractice defense attorney sample that will help you understand the structure and flow of it.

Medical Malpractice Defense Attorney Resume Sample

Jason Green
6th Highland St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-9065


To work hard towards achieving the desired results for my clients and to serve them to the highest of my capabilities in order to help them tackle the malpractices of the medical industry of this country.

Profile Summary

  • 8 years of worthwhile and rich experience in the matters concerning the ill practices on the part of the hospitals and health insurance companies all across the country.
  • Served as the legal counselor to many state litigations against healthcare industry, notably the Sacred Heart Medical Center vs. the state, Brown Hospital vs. Robert Kline and the state.
  • Started my own law firm 5 years back and have brought justice to many citizens of the state since 2007.
  • Complete knowledge of medical law and various sections concerning the state of Iowa.
  • On the board of serving members of The Medical Lawyers for the Welfare of the Patients.

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of all the amendments and the latest laws added under the Medical law in the state of Iowa.
  • Commendable success rate of 98% in my career.
  • Excellent in dealing with clients and making them safe about the case at hand.
  • Act as per the client's wishes- either to bring the defaulting parties to the court of law or to get them to settle the matter out of court.
  • Good at handling situations of stress and urgencies.
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Spanish- both written and verbal.
  • Strong at interpersonal skills and manage a staff of 4 at my office.
  • Strictly follow the code of confidentiality in my line of work.

Work Experience

Jason & Associates Medical Legal Services
Founder (2007-Present)

  • Filed a major case (LKV Pharmaceuticals vs. The Medical Lawyers for the Welfare of the Patients) and currently representing the council in the court of law.
  • Represented my clients in many cases of concerning big hospitals and other pharmaceutical companies.
  • Won the recently famous Sacred Heart Medical Center vs. the State case.
  • Worked dedicatedly towards bringing the trials to the rightly deserving conclusions in favor of my clients.
  • Negotiated with the parties on behalf of my clients and settled the cases to their satisfaction.

Palma and Co. Legal Consultants
Legal Counselor (2004-2009)

  • Legal advisor to clients in the matters involving mistreatment by the hospital, poor quality of service and negligence amounting to health loss and even death in some cases.
  • Campaigned against the poor quality of medical supplies being used, syringe and medicine included.
  • Took on the case of the staff vs. Jeffery Dean Hospital over poor employment conditions.
  • Offered legal counseling to the NGOs working towards the same cause.


  • Successfully passed the Iowa State Bar Exam in 2003.
  • Completed my degree of Juris Doctor in Medical Law from the Iowa College of Law, 2003
  • Graduation in Bachelor of Arts, University of Iowa, 2001.


Fill this section accordingly with your career related important achievements.

This is how you write a medical malpractice defense attorney resume. Writing it according to the above mentioned tips will prove to be beneficial in assuring your chances of getting the clients. The resume, after writing it, needs to be proofread thoroughly in order to make sure that it is completely error free and is smooth and understandable in reading.

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