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Intellectual Property Lawyer Resume

Intellectual property lawyer resume is written by a person with suitable experience and knowledge of th field of IP law- Intellectual Property Law. It is that area of law that protects the interests of the people who are involved in the brain storming and creation of new ideas in the form of visual form (movie, video, text, color, etc) and sounds (music, tunes, jingles, etc). Also it involves scripts, slogans, advertisement ideas, trade secrets, books, plays, designs and any other form of artistic or business output.

There exists various kinds of laws under this intellectual property category - patent law, licensing law, unfair practices, copyright law, trade secret law and trademark law. Each of these are there to protect the rights of the people involved in such law suits.

Intellectual property is one of the important assets of an organization from which the organization stands to yield some sort of monetary gain. As we know, the market is full of competition and has no dearth of incompetent and zero-creative people who are ready to pounce on the tiniest opportunity to steal ideas and add their own names to them. Many a times this happens with original music, film scripts, ads, new technology, new medical formula, etc.

Intellectual property lawyers help their clients with the whole gamut of services pertaining to transfer of technology, licensing investors of the property, drafting related agreements, taking care of all negotiations, and securing all the ends in order to protect the intellectual property from getting stolen in future.

Towards the legal education, an individual needs to be having a Juris Doctor (JD) Degree that is a proof of his having done masters degree in law with specialization in intellectual property rights. Apart from this, he needs to give and pass the state law bar exam, after which he receives his practicing license. A graduation is acceptable in any of the fields.

Following is an intellectual property lawyer resume sample that will help you understand the structure and flow of it.

Intellectual property lawyer Sample

Ileana Coppola
6th Brandt St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-9000


To make use of my expertise in the field of family conflicts related laws and to successfully work on cases for my clients with my dynamic and competitive spirit.

Profile Summary

  • 5 years of good experience in protecting the intellectual proprty rights of my clients in the state of Kentucky and bringing the defaulting parties to books of law.
  • Complete knowledge and updated information on patent law, licensing law, unfair practices, copyright law, trade secret law and trademark law.
  • Specialize in copyright infringement laws and trademark disputes.
  • Worked for many a reputed companies as my clients, like XYZ and ABC.
  • Up to date knowledge of the state's intellectual property concerning laws.
  • Licensed lawyer with a Master's degree in Law in the filed of intellectual property.

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of all the Kentucky state's regulations and laws regrading settlement of intellectual property rights.
  • Master in taking logical and measured approach towards dealing with the cases.
  • Excellent managerial skills for better managing my clients and their cases.
  • Strong skills in written and verbal English, with excellent oratory skills for better communicating my points in the court of law.
  • Strong researching and evaluation skills for better understanding of the case.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, as they are mandatory to me to function smoothly among different kinds of people.
  • Persuasive speaker and good negotiator.

Work Experience

Dan and Group- Legal Consultants
Attorney (2009-Present)

  • Represented my clients in many cases of trademark infringements and idea thefts.
  • Worked with my case associates towards building a strong case by collecting all the evidence.
  • Paving the path for negotiations and out of court settlements for the concerned parties and getting good, beneficial and fair deals for my clients.
  • Explaining to the clients, all the nitty-gritties involved in their case and keeping them up to date with all the developments.

Jacob & Co. Legal Consultants
Legal Advisor (2007-2009)

  • Legal advisor to clients in the matters involving copyright infringements and, wrongful obtaining of trade secrets.
  • Offering negotiation and out of court settlement deals to the parties at default on the behalf of my clients.
  • Providing important advice to the clients throughout the course of their case.


  • Passed the Kentucky State Bar Exam in 2006.
  • Obtained my degree of Juris Doctor in Intellectual Property Law from the New York School of Law, 2006.
  • Graduation in Bachelor of Arts, University of New York, 2004.


Fill this section accordingly with your career related important achievements.

This is how an intellectual property lawyer resume is written. Follow this format when you write your own resume for this post and make sure that the resume is free from any kind of mistakes.

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