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Environmental Attorney Resume

An environmental attorney works for the environmental NGOs and other such concerns (organization or individuals) who decide to bring out the wrong doings of large corporations towards the environment.

Many a times we have seen such cases where a large corporation has been brought down by individual organizations for their breach of safety and environmental laws. One of the examples is that of Pacific Gas & Electric Company which was involved in dumping hexavalent chromium, a highly deadly toxic waste, in the most improper ways, thus polluting the drinking water resources of the southern California town of Hinkley. This had led to the spread of cancer in many of the local residents and the numbers were only increasing.

In 1996, Erin Brockovich took the company to court over this issue, after she discovered some major discrepancies in the legal permissions and the actual operations of the company in the town of Hinckley. She further pushed to get the medical reports of all those affected by cancer in that area and came to observe that all the patients had a high level of hexavalent chromium content in their systems, which could have only gotten there by drinking water. This case grew on to be one of the biggest cases involving the state versus a large corporation. This was settled for a huge sum of compensation to the tune of US $333 millions.

For becoming a lawyer, one needs to pass the bar exam which is conducted separately for each state. Passing this exam gets you your professional license, then allowing to practice law. Preceding to this, one needs to pass his Law degree from a reputed college. The completion of this course brings you the Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) degree. One could have done his/ her bachelors degree in any stream, but doing it in the field of history, political science, or English will only boost your intellect and the power of effective communication.

Following is an environmental attorney resume sample that will help you understand the structure and flow of it.

Environmental Attorney Resume Sample

Van Grier
6th Blossom St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-1716


To utilize my expertise in this specialized field of environment protection and fight for the preservation and advocation of environmental causes, thus bringing in more human empathy and realization towards the cause.

Profile Summary

  • 6 years of richly diverse experience in the field of environment related legal cases concerning environment at peril.
  • A very impressive success rate of 97%.
  • Dealt with a number of cases that involved neglect of environmental safety in terms of equipment used, area of operations and scale.
  • Worked extensively on cases involving the use of harmful chemicals, breaking of environmental laws, banned products and more.
  • Always working for the cause of environmental organizations like NGOs and helping them in bringing the defaulters to the books of law.

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of all the environmental laws and the subsequent amendments on them by the state.
  • Good at adopting an analytical approach to all the problems and then building a strong case based on all that is known fact, as well as which was hidden by the companies.
  • Good at carrying out case related research and inquiring about all the aspects of the case, from the defaults committed by the defaulting companies to the kind of laws broken.
  • Good and perfect communication skills enabling me to put forth the points effectively and in a clear manner.
  • Ability to perform under strict deadlines.
  • Good interpersonal skills enabling me to work well with the other case associates.
  • Effective management skills to handle diverse set of people whom one meets in my field of profession.

Work Experience

Kepler and Heir Legal Services
Attorney (2007-Present)

  • Handled cases involving environmental protection versus defaulting parties.
  • Worked with NGOs and other civil societies to bring a curb on illegal construction and industrial projects which violated the basic environmental norms.
  • Worked on the Hammer Steels versus the State case where the company was held in neglect of the environmental issues and polluting of the nearby river.
  • Legal advisor on many corporate office committees and guiding them through their new projects in accordance to all the environmental policies.
  • Worked with other legal associates to bring in the desired results and provide relief to the aggrieved parties.
  • Managing and directing all the case related legal research and making detail;ed notes of the important information.
  • Practicing the strictest kind of confidentiality code on all my cases, thus abiding by the professional ethics.
  • Have secured a success rate of 96% at my job here.

Armie Strangerson Legal Consultants
Associate Legal Advisor (2004-2007)

  • Making negotiations on client's directive and securing the wanted deal with the defense in the form of out-of-court settlement.
  • Prepared reports for the senior legal advisors on the case and discussed details with them.
  • Going all out to make the clients feel confident about the case.
  • Strategic and logical way of approaching the case, backed with solid research and knowledge of the field.


  • Juris Doctor Degree from New York Institute of Law, 2003


  • Was awarded the honorary position of the Judicial Advisor with the Board of the National Environmental Organization.
  • Secured a reputable position for myself in a small period of 8 years.

This is how an environmental attorney resume sample is written. It has to be written with the knowledge that you need to impress the reader so that he/ she may hire you in his company as a law consultant or practitioner. The language should be simple and free of any large, heavy words. Also the font and color of the text throughout the resume needs to be uniform and doesn't need to change, as it is an official document. Such official documents are never too flashy or colorful. The stress should be on important and relevant detail and not on anything else.

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