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Entrepreneurial Attorney Resume

An entrepreneurial attorney resume is written by an individual who has strong knowledge of all the laws concerning corporate and business world. He is well experienced in preparing business contracts, drafting paperwork for corporate mergers and acquisitions, marketing contracts, etc. They have to work out the clauses and conditions meticulously and prepare a full-proof document for the consideration of both the parties. Both the parties to the contract have their own legal consultants who go through the concerned document and explain to them its legalities and complexities. Only when both the parties are clear and consenting to sign, the signatures are done by the concerned parties in presence of their business lawyers, thus sealing the deal. In other cases, when there arises a dispute between two companies, their lawyers come into picture to represent each other's clients in the court of law or in the deposition room. Such is the role of an entrepreneurial attorney. Following is a resume sample meant to guide you about how to write your own attorney resume. But before that following are a few points that need to be kept in mind while doing so.

  • Divide the resume into sections - Always divide the resume into separate sections so as to add a sense of clarity in the structure and information. This will also help the reader in finding the relevant information within no time.

  • Use simple language - Usage of rich diction is of no uise here as it is just an official document and not any literature paper. So use simple words.

  • Structure the information - under every section, you must arrange the information in a reverse chronological manner. For e.g., while writing work experience, start from the latest work experience and go back to the earlier ones. This is done because the recruiter will be interested in your immediate work and not ancient (pun intended) work.

  • Proofread it thoroughly - Always proofread the resume at least twice before sending it to the recruiter. This is done to find and eliminate any errors whatsoever in the resume.

Entrepreneurial Attorney Resume Sample

Tim Blake
6th Link St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-9088


To serve my clients by handling their day to day legal work concerning preparation of legal documents and legal consultations, and to do all this to the best of my capabilities.

Profile Summary

  • 8 years of rich experience in corporate and entrepreneurial law
  • Distinction of serving some of the biggest names in the corporate world like Rex-Time and Grobeur & Spencer.
  • Have served as a legal consultant under Holbrook Legal Consultants and now as an independent professional
  • Experience in representing clients in the court of law
  • Licensed practitioner with license acquired from the New Orleans District Attorney's office.

Skills Summary

  • Complete knowledge of corporate law and Company's Act and updated on the latest amendments
  • Outstanding performance with a success rate of 98% in court disputes
  • Excellent communication skills to communicate effectively with the clients and the parties
  • Effective at representing the client in deposition room
  • Good interpersonal skills that enable me to work smoothly with all kinds of people
  • Strong sense of integrity to my profession
  • Good time management skills to manage my work smoothly

Work Experience

Independent Lawyer (2009-Present)

  • Won for Rex-Time a product copyright argument between them and Samson America.
  • Assisted the legal department of my clients in processing and preparing paperwork for business work.
  • Assisted companies like Grobeur & Spencer in merger with DC Fashion.
  • Assisted businesses in their proper paperwork preceding to mergers and acquisitions.
  • Recently won the high profile XYZ vs. CVX case, involving breach of contract issues.
  • Worked up negotiations between Romp Bay and X-Bin in a case.

Holbrook Legal Consultants
Legal Counselor (2004-2009)

  • Legal advisor to entrepreneurs in matters related to business deals, mergers, disputes, and opening up of new business.
  • Meticulously worked on all the legal paper work for the clients.
  • Trained the new subordinates in the office and conducted orientations for them.
  • Worked with many Wall Street companies.


  • Have passed the New Orleans State Bar Exam in the year 2003.
  • Successfully earned the degree of Juris Doctor in Entrepreneurial Law from the New Orleans College of Law, 2003
  • Graduation in Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Florida, 2001.


Fill this section with some of your career's important achievements that could impress the reader.

This is how you write a entrepreneurial attorney resume. Notice how the format has been laid out and arranged in a structured manner. All the information is preceded by a specific section heading. This is done to make it easier for the recruiter to find the required information by looking at the relevant heading. Also, notice the language- it's simple and direct. The sentences are short and concise in a bid to keep the resume short and easier on eyes, as a long resume is of no use to you or the reader; he is bound to skim through it, or ignore it. Also, the use of bullet points is quite prominent here. They are an essential part of any resume. So, all the best with writing your resume.

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