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District Attorney Resume

A resume creates the first impression in the mind of an employer. So, it's very important that a resume should be written in an impressive manner, which could serve your purpose of writing it. A resume written effectively always has a chance of getting an interview call. A district attorney deal in the legal matters related to both civil and criminal laws. He/she can represent a city, state or country, mainly in criminal matters. Such attorneys are either appointed or elected by public. The main role of these attorneys is to safeguard the rights of the general public, and prevent the wrongdoings committed against them. Any criminal issues related to the public are solved by the district attorney.

District Attorney Resume Example

Given below is the sample of district attorney resume, which will help you write a district attorney resume in a proper, standard format:

David Hedrick
524, Alps Street, Benjamin Road,
New York, NY - 21005
Contact No. - 112-535-5798
Email Id -

Career Objective

To implement my knowledge and skill in this field, to further gain expertise in my career.

Key Skills

  • Proficient in English and Spanish languages
  • Expert in the legal statutes and laws
  • Expert in reading and writing different legal reports
  • Good track record in my career
  • 7 years of experience in the related field
  • Expert in analytical and convincing skills
  • Familiar with corporate and government organizations' dealings
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office tools
  • Familiar with government and corporate law practices

Educational Qualifications

  • Completed Masters Degree in Law from University of New York in 2003
  • Bachelors Degree in Law from University of New York
  • Bachelors Degree in Arts (English) from University of New York

Work Summary

T &T Brothers Law Firms, New York
Designation: District Attorney
Duration: December, 2007 to October 2009


  • Responsible for all the financial transactions and reports of the company
  • Responsible for the legal issues of the company and their clients
  • Managing the legal reports, bills, articles, opinions and other documents
  • Managing major pleadings of the company and its clients
  • Responsible for managing and analyzing the different tasks such as environmental issues, merger acquisitions, securities offerings, financial offerings, ESOP transactions, etc.
  • Managing the contracts related to client, vendor and employment

TTK Enterprise, New York
Designation: District Attorney
Duration: November, 2009 to till Date


  • Responsible for managing all the legal proceedings of the company on district level
  • Advocating different cases on behalf of companies which is on district level
  • Managing all the reports, reviews, articles, opinions and other related documents
  • Responsible for managing the legal issues, environmental issues, intellectual property, financial structuring, etc.
  • Responsible for managing the legal issues of the company and their clients
  • Managing all the financial transactions of the company.

Languages known

English and Spanish


Awarded the best employee of TTK Enterprise in the year 2008


Peter Pereira
Account Manager
GHF Law Firms
Email Id:

The above given sample of a district attorney resume, will help you to write an effective resume for your dream job. You can follow the sample which will guide you through out your resume.

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