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Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Resume

A Deputy Prosecuting Attorney as a licensed lawyer carries out procedural development of trails and represents local government. Here, his/her work relates to the identification and presentation of evidence in the court to prove criminal offense of the accused. With proper observations and investigations, he/she clarifies the government's point of view. Thus, as a government employee or representative, he/she is expected to perform a whole range of investigations with the clients, accused, administration, and witnesses to understand the situations. In light of such knowledge, it becomes easy to provide proper judgment. So, while writing an application, develop a professional deputy prosecuting attorney resume that communicates his/her excellence in carrying out investigations with the completion of professional practice.

Have a look at the jobs that a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney is responsible to carry out as a part of public prosecution. Get clarified view of the positional requisites to understand and develop well customized resume sample.

Jobs and Responsibilities:

  • Addressing public issues and media to clarify local government's point of view
  • Solving the complexities associated with the case and developing rational discussions leading to the judgment
  • Ensuring staff support and investigation assistance to manage interactions with the clients and other people
  • Representing and forwarding the government's views and reviews of the situational observations
  • Providing the court with necessary support to arrive at appropriate decisions and judgment

In depth understanding of legal prosecution, investigations, and professional practices keep him/her focused about his/her objectives. Here, find a deputy prosecuting attorney resume sample that discusses professional requisite of the work and offers professional format to develop your own resume.

Harold R. Fletcher
4617 Valley View Drive
Milton, MA 02186
Phone: 826-812-2547
Email Address:


With completion of professional practices in prosecution services, I would like to handle independent responsibilities of the work and am ready to manage legal administration of the prosecution job with unique challenges in the field of legal complexities.


  • Completed professional practices as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
  • Witnessed a wide range of criminal prosecutions
  • Authorized practitioner of law
  • Dealt with legal advisory and consulting services
  • Done critique of legal mechanisms and prosecutions
  • Hands on practical legal experience in supervising trials
  • Legal proceedings records and documentation support


  • Logical and deductive reasoning abilities
  • Highly developed critical and research sense
  • Effective administration of legal proceedings and records
  • Good interpersonal skills to communicate with the masses
  • Integration abilities to interpret legal complications

Technical Skills:

  • Microsoft Office Management
  • Certificate in Criminal Prosecution (CPS)


  • Post Graduation Program in Cyber Crime Prosecution and Defense Management
  • Master of Science in Legal Studies from Massachusetts School of Law 2005
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Gordon College 2002
  • Completion of Criminal Trial Advocacy training program
  • Diploma in Criminal Investigations Management

Professional Experience:

San Juan County, Friday Harbor, Washington
Designation: Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

2009-till date
Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Analyzing legal mechanisms and ascertaining necessary paperwork and documentation to supplement case analysis
  • Carrying out research and reviews to establish logical relationship between the investigations done
  • Ensuring legal support with proper codes and justifications
  • Clarifying procedural details with legal mechanisms and clarifications

Universal Legal Office and Consulting Solutions Services
Designation: Legal Advisor and Consultant

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Participated in legal investigations and collecting essential data inputs
  • Developed procedural strategies and arguments with clarification of legal codes and structures
  • Managed office administration functions with professional consulting services to deal with legal issues
  • Conducted interviews and interactions with the key parties to develop a logical thread


  • Received a certificate of excellence for professional consulting services and practices administered to handle office management responsibilities at legal consultants


  • Availed membership of National Center of Community Prosecution, ensuring technical support to deal with research and prosecution program relating to the criminal offense
  • Membership of Washington Prosecuting Attorney Association
  • Member of State Bar Association (Washington)
  • Applied for membership of District Attorney Association
  • Affiliated to National Institute of Legal Research and Law Enforcement

Mobility and Flexibility:

Well updated with legal codes and procedures to solve advanced legal complexities of the matters. Effective interpretation of law and codes to develop professional arguments.


I, hereby declare that the aforesaid information is true and complete.

Harold R. Fletcher

Thus, with the given example, you can assert your professional skills and accomplishments in the field to offer legal services as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and enlist the skills that complement your professional qualifications. In this manner, offer adequate details that comprehend job requirement in the best possible manner and specifies your technical excellence to deal with legal prosecuting services.

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