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Commercial Attorney Resume

Job Description:

In general, a commercial attorney focuses his/her attention and law practice on business matters. A commercial attorney can engage himself/herself in either transactional work or litigation. A commercial attorney advises the clients on legal consequences in running a business and represents the client in the courts in case there is a suit against the company or the client.

A business attorney is expected to assist the clients in every aspect of the business and deal with right from copyright issues to appearing for the suits filed against the clients in the courts. He or she should be thorough with local laws, business laws and regulations in order to help the clients in running the business successfully. The clients of a commercial attorney might be engaged in businesses such as construction, real estate, banking and finance and insurance and he or she has to help the clients by providing legal advises.

A commercial attorney has to attend hearings, conferences and meetings and represent the clients in the trials or arbitrations. He or she also has to attend cases regarding personal injury claims. He/she has to prepare papers on arbitrary issues and resolve them. A commercial attorney also has the responsibility to answer the clarifications raised by the clients on commercial laws, issues and procedures.

Courtney J
2435, Timber Ridge Road
Phone: 916-810-2286

Personal Summary:

A bright and extremely talented attorney, who is well experienced in giving useful advice to the business clients and delivering positive results to them, is seeking the position of a commercial attorney in a well established and reputed organization to show my skills in the profession and to bring benefits to the employers.

Skills Possessed:

  • Have the capacity to achieve practical solutions to the problems of the clients in their businesses by approaching all legal matters with a commercial approach
  • Have the ability to provide timely, accurate, effective and acceptable legal advice to the clients
  • Have the skill to write legal documents like will, trusts, settlements, and gifts
  • Have the negotiating skills with the other lawyers, solicitors, legal experts and the clients
  • Well versed with computer applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point and know most of the computer languages
  • Have the ability to prioritize issues and co-ordinate the work effectively
  • Have excellent analytical and leadership skills
  • Also have good management, oral and written communication and team management skills

Professional Experience:

Commercial attorney-from August, 2006 to till date
XYZ Funding and Investment-Inc, New Brunswick, NJ

My Responsibilities:

  • I have represented the clients in the courts in various criminal and civil cases.
  • By using Microsoft Office, I have created new documents and modified the existing records and documents.
  • I have advised the clients regarding commercial laws and interpreted the laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Have advised the business clients regarding reorganization of businesses and bankruptcy
  • Have advised the clients on the effect of performance obligations and failures to perform under the agreements made earlier
  • While making contract agreements, I have advised the clients on inherent and patent risks that are to be imposed in the contracts.
  • On behalf of the clients, I have attended conferences and meetings as well as hearings and briefed them on the results and consequences.

Professional Experience:

Commercial Lawyer-from January, 2002 to July, 2006
Spice jet Investment Corporation, Sugar Land, TX


  • Had conducted legal hearing, representing the clients, and decided causes of further legal actions
  • Had advised the clients on administration contracts and helped in claim detections, claim negotiations, trade practices and corporate compliance issues
  • On many issues, I have liaised between the barristers and the clients and satisfied the clients on several issues.
  • In many cases, I have produced evidences and witnesses to support the claims of the customers and won many cases in favor of them.


I possess a Master's degree in arts from a University in Chicago.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Law and Political Science from a University in Chicago.


Available on request

If you are opting for a position of a commercial attorney, it is necessary to prepare an effective commercial attorney resume and send the same to your prospective employer along with your application. The importance of commercial attorney resume is that you have to take enough time to focus the content of your resume to prove your goals and accomplishments.

While giving the details of commercial attorney resume, you need not lie or over embellish the facts. But, there is nothing wrong in presenting yourself to the employer in the best possible light. Further, make sure that you include your key skills and experiences as early as you can in your resume as this is essential to draw the attention of the selectors and reviewers of resumes.

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