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Business Attorney Resume

A business attorney resume is written by a person of sound interest and knowledge of all the business related laws that govern the company's day to day dealings. These involve laws and procedures related to mergers and acquisitions, business takeovers, entering into business partnership, making and signing of marketing contracts, taking care of sales and distribution agreements, and making sure that both the parties honor the agreements with complete honesty. In case, a party defaults on an agreed term or condition, then it becomes the job of the business attorney to suggest all the possible legal discourses to his client company and send legal notice to the defaulting party/ parties.

For writing an effective resume one needs to keep the right format in mind and be careful about the content that he adds in it. All the required details are to be covered. Following are a few tips for writing the resume:

  • Keep the language simple - YOU should not use heavy diction while writing resume as it is an official document and required to be written in a formal and simple tone.

  • Prioritize the information - One needs to write the important points first under each section. This will impress the reader soon enough for him to make a decision.

  • Keep it crisp and short - Your resume needs to be to the point and crisp. Avoid adding unnecessary details to it.

  • Divide it into separate sections - IT should be divide into different sections like work experience, education, objective, skills, etc.

Following is a business attorney resume sample that will help you understand the structure and flow of it.

Harry Brown
6th Link St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-9088


To manage for my clients, all of their legal undertakings and day to day workings concerning agreements and contracts and to represent them, if need be, in the court of law.

Profile Summary

  • 8 years of experience as a business attorney for some of the biggest and the most reputed companies of America like GH Electronics and RPL Limited.
  • Served as the legal counselor to the business entities on independent as well as payroll basis too.
  • Now have my own law firm since 2009, helping clients directly.
  • Have even served as one of the committee members with the Whitehall committee that ran for getting the XYZ Amendment passed in the court of law of Iowa State.
  • Experienced in mergers and acquisitions.

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of the Company's Act and the business law, with the subsequent amendments made to it.
  • Outstanding success rate of 98% in my career.
  • Guaranteed client satisfaction with skills to make them feel relaxed about the case.
  • Good at representing the company in the court of law, if need be, and also act as presiding officer in depositions and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Good at handling stressful situations and tight deadlines.
  • Outstanding communication skills in English, both written and verbal.
  • Good interpersonal skills, allowing me to work smoothly in and across the departments.
  • Strict integrity to my profession.

Work Experience

Harry Brown Legal Consultants
Founder (2009-Present)

  • Won a big case of Harbinger Associates vs. Jackson Realtors, where I represented Harbinger Associates and won the law suit.
  • Assisted businesses in their proper paperwork preceding to mergers and acquisitions.
  • Won the recent XYZ vs. BNX case, which was covered by the national TV networks.
  • Worked dedicatedly towards legally securing my clients' end of work and then building up a strong case.
  • Negotiated with the opposite parties and brought the cases to mutually understandable conclusions outside of the court of law.

Jay & Mayer's Legal Services
Legal Counselor (2004-2009)

  • Legal advisor to business organizations in matters concerning business deals, partnerships, contracts and mergers.
  • Kept all the legal paperwork ready for the clients and facilitated smooth operations.
  • Trained the new legal associates in the company and evaluated their performance.
  • Offered legal counseling to many Wall Street companies.


  • Have passed the Iowa State Bar Exam in the year 2003.
  • Earned my degree of Juris Doctor in Business Law from the Iowa College of Law, 2003
  • Graduation in Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Iowa, 2001.


Fill this section with some of your career's important achievements that could impress the reader.

This is how you write a business attorney resume. While writing it, it is important that you follow a fixed format for the resume. Also the kind of information should be relevant to the job post being applied to. Follow the above mentioned tips on how to write a good resume, and you will definitely end up with an impressive draft that would be enough to impress the reader.

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