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Video Editor Resume

A video editor resume is used by a person who is able to edit videos and films to apply for various industry jobs with several production houses, where they have all the machinery and systems to enable a professional to edit videos. When a particular scene is shot, it is done continuously or randomly. All the footage is brought to the editor, who then takes a copy of it, stores it into the system, and then reviews the entire shoot. After this, with the help of certain software, he starts to cut the video (wherever necessary) and rearranges it until he gets a series of scenes and shots, logically placed one after the other, in order to make a good sense to the viewer with the video.

For applying for this post, the applicant needs to specialize in film and video editing done using the industry standard machinery. In earlier times, all the editors use to work on reels, since those were then the mediums of recording a film. Therefore, they use to make a copy of these reels, that is, a negative copy and use this negative copy for editing the film. This involved cutting, joining, and arranging the scenes in a logical and desired sequence. The method used here in editing using the reel was known as linear film editing, implying that the editor had to follow a linear method while editing; he just couldn't go forward and backward in real time on the machine while editing it.

With the latest technology and availability of digital cameras that now use memory chips for recording films, filmmaking has changed completely, at least the editing part has changed drastically and for good. It has become less expensive and more flexible overall. The process of editing is now also known as non-linear editing. The modern digital HD cameras record full HD images with 1080p resolution and semi HD images with 720p resolution at the minimum, giving an editor a lot of choices as regards to the quality of the feed.

The process of editing starts with the editor taking this feed onto his editing machine. After this, the editor reviews the footage and takes down some points. The non-linear editing process enables him to navigate forward and backward on the timeline repeatedly without any concerns that use to come up earlier. There are tools readily available in the latest software that can do all things for the editor with never requiring him to touch the reel anytime during the entire process.

This job involves a high level of technical knowledge about the video formats and frame rates. It is a kind of job that demands a good amount of creativity on the part of the editor in order to meet the vision of the director and come up with a visually appealing product.

Following is a video editor resume sample for your consideration.

Joel Green
43-C West Street
Plum Valley, CA 92308
(760) 231-9999


To combine my technical expertise with creative horizons and successfully edit videos and movies in order to help complete movies and bring them to the viewers in an effective way.

Profile/ Summary

  • Worked with some of the highly experienced directors of the industry
  • Won the 'Best Film Editing' award from Golden Globe for “Frontier Guard” in 2012
  • Worked on more than 10 movies till date
  • Good at adding titles and other effects in films using Adobe After Effects
  • Extensively worked on Steenbeck systems during the academic years and later on some of the real time projects

Skill Set

  • Expert in adding effects to footages on the timeline
  • A lot of experience in analogue editing on Steenbeck setup
  • Highly specialized knowledge of film editing using the latest industry standard software such as Avid and Final Cut Pro 7
  • Ability to deliver work with the best rendered results, thanks to my knowledge of working with DVD Studio Pro, Avid, and other related software
  • Good experience in telesync and reverse telesync from HD cameras as well as other film cameras

Other Skills

  • Sound knowledge of working with Red One camera
  • Well-learned in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

Work Experience

  • MOVIE- The Waltz (2013)
    Director- Mac Buffoon

  • MOVIE- A Prairie Duck (2013)
    Director- Richard Anderson

  • MOVIE- Frontier Guard (2012)
    Director- Miley Noble

  • MOVIE- Atlanta West (2011)
    Director- Vincent Johnson

  • MOVIE- Paper and Pen (2010)
    Director- Mark Swen


  • Post Graduation in Film Editing, International Film and TV Institute of New York, New York, 2010
  • Graduation in English Literature, University of New York, New York, 2008


  • Recipient of 'Best Film Editing' award from Golden Globe for “Frontier Guard” (2012)
  • Won 'Best Film Editing' award for “Atlanta West” (2011) at TIFF Film Festival
  • Worked with a variety of top directors viz., Aaron Johanson and Karl Potter for prestigious projects


  • Member of the teaching faculty of video editing at New York School of Film and Television, New York since 2011
  • Member of Science and Arts Division of North Carolina, North Carolina since 2010

A video editor resume is one that contains an equal amount of technical as well as creative details about one's professional background. This is why, it is apt to say that it can be filled with a large amount of information, but the writer should mention only the relevant details, depending upon the kind of project one is applying for.

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