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Technical Editor Resume

Technical editor resume is written to apply for the post of article editor with a technical content writing company, where the job is to review, proofread, ask the writer to redraft it if necessary, and finally, edit the technical information provided in the article. In some cases, he may also have to write the article himself, thus managing the content as a technical writer too. He usually works on technical research documents, various scientific and technical journals, clinical research projects, product manuals, and other web based articles for specific websites. These technical articles cover a variety of topics, ranging from mobile phones, machine parts, user manual for appliances, gadget reviews, and medicine along with scientific , computer , do-it-yourself, etc. articles and much more.

The job is to review the articles written by the team's technical writers and suggest changes, if necessary, to make the articles more user-friendly in terms of information and clarity. Sometimes, the editors also are required to suggest titles and graphics to go with the flow and structure of the articles. As these technical articles are needed to be exact and accurate in terms of detailing, the editors need to work closely with researchers and other subject matter experts in order to generate the right kind of information.

Skill wise, a technical editor has to have excellent writing skills with a good grip over vocabulary and grammar. A special care needs to be given to spellings and punctuations. Also, the editor needs to make sure that the language used is simple and easy to understand for the readers.

Following are some job responsibilities that you need to take care of being in this profession:

  • Put the right information - Whatever topic you are writing on or editing, make certain of the accuracy of the article in terms of facts and figures. Since the articles are technical, people will read them for guidance and for enhancing their knowledge. While doing this, they are placing a certain amount of trust in you and it is your moral responsibility to uphold that trust in the right ways
  • Don't be vague - Whatever information your writers put in there and whatever is approved by you should be clear and completely information rich. Many a times, due to lack of proper research, the writers tend to put in vague information on the subject matter. This practice is to be checked and discarded by you in all possible ways. Only then will you become a good editor
  • Be thorough in your job - You must go through each and every line of the articles sent to you by your writers. A log should be maintained by you, specifying which articles have been sent by which technical writer. This practice will help you to determine the responsibilities of content management and assigned appropriate tasks to the appropriate writers, thus saving a lot of time. Besides, you need to be thorough in editing the articles

Following is a technical editor resume sample that will help you to understand the structure and flow of a professionally written resume.

Wallis Brown
22-Fig Ring Rd
Apple Valley, CA 92308
(760) 221-2999

Objective Statement

To take up the job of a technical editor and use my years of experience and rich English skills in proofreading the articles and improving the quality of content towards perfection while upholding the morale and motivational levels of my team.

Profile Summary

  • Seven years of rich experience in technical content editing and holds a great mastery in English linguistics
  • Multi-dimensional and multi-linguistic and possesses the best skills in proofreading and editing articles of any type
  • Worked as a technical writer and editor with some of the leading and well known companies of the country namely, JR Tech, CA and Hazbro, VA
  • Awarded for target completion and regular attendance at JR Tech, CA in August 2013
  • Promoted to the post of technical editor at Hazbro, VA

Skill Set

  • Excellent knowledge of proper usage of English grammar, punctuations, and clarity in all kinds of technical and other articles
  • Excellent editorial skills and ability to maintain an unmatchable track record
  • Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to lead a team of several writers and uploaders
  • Strong leadership skills to keep the team members motivated and productive
  • Strong and effective communication skills

Other Skills

  • Impressive typing speed of 60+ words per minute
  • Good in performing research and evaluation tasks

Work Experience JR Tech
Editor (2011 till Present)

  • Edited online articles on various technical topics, ranging from computers to mobiles
  • Led a team of 7 technical writers, writing on the designated technical websites and journals
  • Trained new employees and readied them for work in the company
  • Wrote and edited certain important articles independently on a priority basis
  • Functioned as a creative head for Maroon C ad campaign, which won 2013's 'Best Copy Ad Campaign' award

Hazbro, India
Technical Editor (2007-2011)

  • Promoted to the post of technical editor after demonstrating a fine performance as a technical writer for a year
  • Joined as technical writer, writing articles on the latest computers and mobiles
  • Worked on various websites and wrote reviews on the latest gadgets


  • MA in English from New York University, New York, 2007
  • Diploma in Technical Writing from New York University, New York, 2008


  • Was promoted to the post of technical editor from the technical writer position at Hazbro, VA
  • Awarded for regular target completion and full attendance at JR Tech, CA in August 2013

This is how one writes a technical editor resume in the right manner. The flow and language used here need to be observed by you. The structure used here needs to be followed heading after heading. Add the content according to your preference, but make sure that the content is relevant to the job at hand and is impressive enough for the recruiter to prefer you for the next round of interview. It depends up to a great deal upon your objective statement too.

The way in which you write your objective statement implies a lot about your motivational and inspirational levels. It should reflect what you can do for the company. The next important section is the work experience, where you mention those important details about your prior work that can communicate to the reader about your capabilities and experience.

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