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Production (Tour) Manager Resume

A production (tour) manager resume is written by a person who is well-versed with the handling of the entire crew associated with a stage show. This crew includes technical professionals, creative professionals, suppliers of equipment, and transport providers. The crew moves independently from the main performers, as they are the ones who have to reach the venue early and set up the entire stage and all the equipment required before the main performers arrive to perform their gigs.

A production (tour) manager can be associated with a rock band, music band, comedy gig event, or any other special performance event. He is responsible, in more specific terms, for handling the sound, lights, mics, etc., getting the required props and clothing, managing the budget, and communicating with the events manager regarding important requirements.

In terms of experience, he must have good experience in managing live events and handling the crew, as the efficiency of the crew will guide the success factor of the entire event.

Following are certain tips that should guide you while writing a good resume for this post.

Place important information first - While writing a resume, it is always recommended that you put all the important and more impressive information first under every heading. For example, under the 'skills' section, you should put the most important and useful skills that you possess at the first spot. Likewise, do it for all the other headings or sections.

Maintain uniformity with the font and font color - Always take care of the uniformity of the font and font color throughout the entire content of your resume. As it is an official document, points are only awarded for the clarity and uniformity of the content. So, adding color and effects to the content will render no use for you.

Proofread the resume - Always make sure that you proofread your resume twice before sending it across to the recruiter. This is important because it should not have a single mistake in it - be it with the names of your previous employers, dates, telephone numbers, or any other important elements of your resume. Even the smallest mistake in the resume may spoil your reputation in front of the recruiter. So be careful here.

Use bullet points - It is helpful if you use bullet points, as they will help you in segregating the points and also enable you to write short and crisp points. All the information in a resume has to be to the point and relevant to the type of job being applied for.

Here is a sample of production (tour) manager resume for your reference.

Kathy Collins
123, Harbor St.
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 421-0118

Objective Statement:

To work efficiently with a leading event organizing company and through thorough planning, arrange for all the necessary things related to the organization of musical tours and concerts.

Profile Summary:

  • 5 years of good experience in the field of tour and logistics management
  • Gained extensive experience in the field involving rock concerts and other gigs
  • Possesses good contacts in the industry and fine interpersonal relations with a number of suppliers
  • International exposure in the field involving music concerts and stage plays
  • Earned extensive experience in this field, working for diverse clients on their various kinds of events, ranging from corporate events to weddings
  • Always dedicated towards organizing well-planned and well-thought out events

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent planning and organizing skills useful for a smooth production of concerts and other events
  • Always keeps backup options in the case of any discrepancy in the schedule or availability of resources
  • Excellent communication skills which enables me to communicate well and clearly with crew members
  • Good interpersonal skills while dealing with all the team members and external suppliers

Work Experience:

ABC Organizers
Production Manager
(2009 onwards)

  • Organized 6 overseas events with various rock bands
  • Organized over 20 comic gig events all across America
  • Demonstrated complete control over logistics and technical details of the events
Some of the important events handled by me:
  • Managed the production for R&B Rock Concert, Baton Rouge, LA | 2013
  • Managed CBS Live Comedy International, Seattle, WA | 2012
  • Managed Robin and Thieves Live Concert Event, New York, NY | 2011

Educational Qualification:

  • Post Graduation in Event Management, ABC College, CA | 2009
  • Graduation in Arts, NFB College, MA | 2007


(Mention all your professional achievements in this section.)

This is how a production (tour) manager resume is written. Learn about resume writing with the help of the sample illustrated above and win some of the remarkable employment prospects in this profession.

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