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Modeling is a career which is highly limited in its duration. In other words, the number of years for which a person can perform as a model is severely restricted to the "golden years" of a human being, which refer to the years that an individual enjoys in the prime of his or her youth when the physical condition and beauty are in peak form.

How does a model resume differs from other resumes?

Modeling as a profession is incredibly unique. The reason for this is that almost each and every other profession depends on skills attained by an individual trying to enter that particular line of work. For example, a freshman accountant will need to have achieved a degree in accounting in order to get a job in a respected accounting firm. The situation with modeling is slightly different.

While it is true that some of the requirements of modeling can indeed be acquired through dedication and practice (a figure which is physically fit after years of workout, a slender figure which is attained after religiously observing a strict diet, or an impressive runway walk), there are some other aspects also which such a job demands that cannot be procured through training and practice. For instance, a model is required to be "beautiful" or "handsome", depending upon the gender.

However, both "beautiful" and "handsome" are subjective traits and depend on the eyes of the beholder. A visually striking face and a gifted height depend upon genes and not on any kind of training or education in the later life. So, the chances of modeling agencies picking up a candidate depends completely upon what the agency is looking for at the moment. If you fit the bill in terms of looks then you have a better chance of getting selected, otherwise it's a tough luck.

It is for this very reason that the content in a model resume is most important and not anything which is not related to the profile. The content also includes photographs of the hopeful model attached with the document. Nevertheless, the measurement specifications should be mentioned prominently in the resume.

Application of model resume in different professional fields

There are two basic kinds of modeling - runway modeling and print modeling. In the first case, a model needs to have skills to walk on the runway, displaying the clothes designed by the designer and is expected to have an impressive height (usually more than five feet five inches for women and five feet eleven inches for men, though, of course, there would be exceptions).

When it comes to print modeling, a fresh face and a fit body is what matters the most. There are other avenues in which a model resume could be of great use. Some of which include but are not restricted to:

  • Electronic media (online advertising or if the applicant knows a bit of acting then television advertising, the audio of which may later be used for radio advertising including the model's voice clips)
  • Acting in short films and corporate advertisements
  • If a model has a background in acting then viable options include acting in movies or stage plays

Given below is a sample of model resume which can be submitted for runway and print as well as acting gigs:

Mary Jane Watson
1019 Pride Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11223
Email id:
Phone: 718-375-8272

Career Objective:

Looking forward to get signed by your esteemed modeling agency, so as to acquire the maximum number of respectable gigs possible and in turn, raise the repute of your agency.

Career Summary:

Previously signed by Ford Models Inc., New York at the age of 19, but had to drop out the next year due to personal circumstances beyond my manipulations. Worked for a minor role in cable television daily soap - "Secret Hospital", besides participating in a number of fashion shows and television advertisements.

Basic Statistics:

Age: 21
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn (flaming red with golden highlights)
Hair length: Waist
Shoe Size: 6
Dress Size: 5

Body Measurements:

Bust: 34"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 32"

Work Experience:

Worked with Ford Models Inc., New York for a year. Work done under the agency includes:

  • Marc Jacobs Fall Collection 2010
  • Spring Summer Collection for Monique Luliere at New York Fashion Week 2011
  • Spring Wedding Collection for Vera Wang 2011
Photo Shoots/ Commercial Print
  • Bikini Shoot for Ford Models 2011 conducted by Mango Photography
  • Cover of Models Inc. magazine (Issue #3)
  • Featured on posters and billboard advertisements for Emma Rose perfume and Elegant Love fragrance, May 2011
Reality Television Work

Post Ford Models Inc., New York featured in Project Runway Season 8, where I got the chance to work with supermodel Heidi Klum and top fashion designers namely, Tim Gunn, Marc Jacobs, and Nina Ricci along with a number of talented, aspiring designers. Designer partner Danny V. was placed third in the show, which gave me the opportunity to make it to the rounds of New York Fashion Week 2012.

Television/ Film Work

Played the role of Nora Whitaker in the daily soap "Secret Hospital" Season 2 and got an opportunity to hone my acting chops for 5 episodes.

Skills and Hobbies:

Acting (film and stage), dancing, reading crime/thriller novels and studies of criminal psyche, bicycling, yoga, and aerobics.


  • Completed High School from Midtown Magnet High School, New York, 2010
  • Pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Psychology from New York University, New York


(Enclosed with the resume)


Will be provided on request.

A model resume will only work if you have some weight to put behind it. A strong self-confidence and a wonderful personality are the major secrets behind nabbing that vacancy in the modeling agency over a well written resume.

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