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Mobile Art Director Resume

A resume for mobile art director, also known as digital art director, position is written by a person who can coordinate and work for the digital media platforms that are used by a company to reach out to the audience. A mobile art director may be working at any of the positions namely, mobile gaming art director for developing games, creative director for ad agency working on ads, assistant art director for helping the senior art director, etc.

For writing a good resume for this post, there are certain points that need to be kept in mind. These points can be ascertained through a resume sample to which we will divert our attention after going through some rules about writing an ideal resume. These rules are as follows:

  • Always write a strong objective statement - A strong opening to anything marks a striking chord with the reader or viewer. It is thus suggested here that you open your resume with a strong objective statement, which is needed to be short and crisp, instilling the air of confidence and utmost dedication in your personality as perceived by the recruiter. This will add fuel to your prospects of working with the hiring company
  • Make use of the available information about the company - Always, before writing the resume, check about the hiring company with regards to the details about its mission and vision statements along with the type of work it conducts and the work culture, if possible. Make use of the Internet and visit its website. This practice will give you an interesting insight of the company and thus, enable you to write your resume effectively, giving exactly what the recruiter wants out of it
  • Do not make it lengthy - There is absolutely no advantage of writing a long resume. It is not at all required for you to delve in all the information about your career. The resume is meant for you to write only the relevant and most important details of your career till date. Anything not relevant to the kind of job at hand should be avoided from being included
  • Use headings - A professional way of writing a good resume also requires you to divide the resume into different sections with relevant headings. This helps in segregating the information on the basis of its nature. For example, information on your skills will go under "skill sets" section and information on your past experience will go under "work experience" section. Likewise, there can be "educational background", "profile summary", and "achievements" sections, all knitted into the resume

Here is a resume sample for a better and more deeper understanding of professional resume writing.

Karen Porter
6th Bowling Alley St.
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-9982


To make use of my substantial skills in the field of arts and corporate communication and utilize my skills in designing interactive and easy applications for the customers.

Profile Summary

  • 6 years of experience in the field of corporate communication and art design
  • Worked on designing interactive websites for TR Lincoln and Group, LA
  • More than 2 years of experience in working on websites and mobile applications for the client companies
  • Specialized in giving a stylistic and unique touch to every element of the design projects, be it for website, television, or mobile

Skills Summary

  • Progressive and innovative design thinking with stress on ease of understanding and use
  • Concentrates on giving in-depth detailing and aestheticism to each and every element of a design
  • Attention to detail along with an equal balance to visual appeal and accessibility in all the applications' interfaces
  • Good communication skills in written and verbal English
  • Excellent managerial skills and people skills, which are useful while working in a team
  • Good time management skills, which enables to complete the work and meet all the deadlines effectively
  • Good knowledge of all the applicable software and hardware required for the work

Work Experience

TR Lincoln and Group
Art Director (2011-Present)

  • Working with the interactive media and designing creative design solutions for various platforms
  • Receiving user feedback and working on the complexities and problems, if any, reported in the application design
  • Stressing on presenting the amalgamation of news, entertainment, and updates in the most effective and user friendly manner
  • Using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash Player, and Actionscript 2.0 to design and test designs for the applications
  • Working in a team environment and designing communication applications as per the client's brief

Linney and Co. Productions
Designer (2008-2011)

  • Weighed the design models for their efficiency, usability, viability, and cost
  • Used HTML and CSS to develop application operations and modify them as per the needs
  • Developed various content sites with information and updates for the users and clients
  • Understood the mechanics and objectives behind the principles applied to the development of applications and used them to optimize and customize applications as per the client's brief

Educational Background

  • Diploma Course in Digital Graphic Design, Institute of Technology and Design, California, 2008
  • Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, University of California, California, 2007


(Fill this section with any of your relevant professional achievements.)

This is how a mobile art director resume is written. While going through this resume sample, it might as well be noted that the writer has used pretty simple and straightforward language while constructing it. This is because a resume is an official document and it needs to be kept simple and free from rich diction or fancy language. Another thing that is to be given credence here is the fact that it is completely objective in its nature, that is, the information provided is completely related to the practical work done by the applicant – live projects. This is what a recruiter seeks for when he goes through the resumes one after the other and, the resume which provides him with the most satisfactory work information is the one sent further for subsequent processing. This is how you will end up winning the job that you desired. So, keep these instructions in mind and go for the best.

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