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Media Arts Resume

There are different ways in which one could express artistry. One way of doing so is blending creativity with technology. Media arts is the term used for artistry performed through a technological medium.

In what capacity do professions exist in media arts?

The nature of jobs which exist under the media arts field is as versatile as they come. One could be a graphic artist or graphic designer to upgrade and design various websites, either commercial or corporate owned. The field of media arts also covers animation in movies as well as video games. Besides this, we can also talk about the involvement of media arts in the field of special effects and VFX for movies and television shows.

How to construct a media arts resume?

Usually, one constructs a media arts resume in the same manner as any other resume is constructed. You usually begin with your personal details, including the name, address, phone number, and email id followed by a single sentence career objective.

Next, you can include the "previous work experience" section which should mention the names of all the companies you have worked for in the past (all of which should have a separate sub-section and contain information on how many years you have spent in a particular company, what were the job requirements of the company (preferably in bullet points), what were the achievements (if you had any), and the highlights of your job experience.

Next, comes the "skills relevant to the job" section where (preferably in bullet list format) one has to list down all the relevant skills possessed by you and needed for the applied job.

You may finally end your resume with the last section, which is "educational qualifications" where, in descending order, you need to list down the names of the degrees or diplomas you have received from a prestigious university or college, along with the year of course completion from the university/college.

To help you better understand this concept, provided below is a sample of media arts resume.

(Note: This is a fictitious resume sample and the names of existing companies are only mentioned for demonstrative reasons. We are not claiming that these companies were involved or affiliated with Aroj in any manner whatsoever.)

Lionel J. Beckman
850 Corpening Drive,
South Lyon, MI 48178
Phone: 248-446-6317

Career Objective:

To unleash my creativity to the zenith of its potential and serve your esteemed organization with the success fruits of my hard work and dedication.

Previous Work Experience:

Lead Web Designer,
Tweak Designs Private Limited, Portland, OR
(May 2010 - October 2013)

My duties and responsibilities while working with Tweak Designs Private Limited, an upstart company at the time of my joining, were as follows:

  • Led a team which was responsible for conceptualizing, defining, and executing designs for the client's websites
  • Organized presentation meets in front of the clientele as well as the company heads to showcase progress charts, demos, and mock runs of the websites
  • Developed pitch materials and ideas for future use or stored assets for the company as well as designed appropriate templates and guides for the junior designers of the company
  • Reviewed of the work of junior web designers as well as made any modifications, additions, or deletions to their concepts and designs, taking into consideration the client's wants, needs, budget, and resources available
  • Trained junior web designers on how to channel their creative energy in a manner which is most productive and compatible with the wants and demands of the clients as well as the resources and budget available at their disposal

Web Designer
Independent and Freelance Work, Sacramento, CA

(December 2006 - January 2010)

For the past three years, I have been accepting web designing projects directly from the clients and involved in freelance work for web designing companies. Among my accomplishments, some of the important highlights during this point of time were:

  • Creation of techno based, interactive web designs for franchise websites belonging to multinational corporations such as Google, Disney, Nickelodeon, Yahoo!, Lacoste, and DC Comics
  • Involved in content development as well as web design for the websites managed by University of Oregon, Coleman, Winklevoss, and Coleman (Seattle based law firm)


  • Won the "Tweaker Award for Best Mentor" three years in a row – 2011, 2012, and 2013
  • Won the "Tweaker Award for Best Employee" in 2013

Skills Relevant to the Job:

  • Seasoned skills in leadership and communication with the clients and different wings of the company
  • Understanding the exact requirements of the clients and delivering on those requirements
  • Knowledge of the latest software used in web designing

Educational Qualifications:

  • Master's Degree in Media Arts from Oregon University, OR | 2006
  • Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts from Oregon University, OR | 2004

The media arts resume should be centered around the prior work done, as most employers are looking for, above all else, the overall experience of the candidates.

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