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Interior Designer Resume

Interior designing is a profession which exists both in an independent, private form of business as well as in an interior designing or decorating firm, where all one has to do is to rely on the client services wing of the agency to (usually) do most of the field work:-

  1. Regarding the logistics and client requests
  2. Regarding the job of providing clients with updates on the interior designer's daily progress on the assignments and getting back to the clients with their feedback on the same

An interior designer resume is submitted to one such agency while seeking the position of interior designer.

What should an interior designer resume basically consist of?

An interior designer resume should talk about your skills which make you the perfect candidate for the interior designing job in a firm as well as all your achievements and job duties in your previous workplaces which would solidify the foundation of your bid for the job.

Given below is a resume sample prepared just for your benefit. Do note that you are expected to use this interior designer resume sample only as a template and guide to prepare your own resume. Do not copy/paste the content as it is, lest the HR detects your plagiarism. Avoid getting into trouble for something so minor.

Here is the resume sample.

Travis L. Talbot
3932 Benson Park Drive,
Oklahoma City, OK 73129
Phone: 405-445-9591
Email ID:

Career Aim:

To improve upon my designing and decorating skills and not only satisfy myself by pushing my talents to soaring heights, but also create a highly favorable impression on your esteemed institution and the clients I receive the prestige opportunity to serve for.

Skills and Traits Relevant to the Job at Hand:

  • Accumulated knowledge from professional work experience of more than six years related to interior designing under reputed agencies
  • Excellent comprehension skills and ability to quickly grasp the client wants and requirements and translate those wants and requirements into tangible designs under the specified budget
  • Ability to maintain a calm and cool composure under pressurizing and stressful situations
  • Tendency to deliver even under the most demanding of circumstances Appealing personality
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to interact with the clients and employees of the company from each and every branch and level
  • Solid background in commercial and residential projects

Previous Work Ex:

Trump Interior Decorators Inc., Sacramento, CA

Served in Trump Interior Decorators Inc., with the post of Interior Designer for the period from May 2012 to January 2014. My duties in this organization extended to, but were not limited to:

  • Inspecting the portion assigned to decorate by visiting the locations and taking notes first hand
  • Discussing the particulars of the interior designs as requested by the clients, including preferences in wall paint/wallpaper pattern color and furniture based on personal tastes as well as the budget they can afford for the project
  • Taking the restriction of the client preferences and budgets into consideration as well as the logistical restrictions imposed by location factors such as space and dimensions before the conceiving of creative ideas for the designing of the said location
  • Constant communication with the client services in order to regularly update the clients on the proceedings as they take place and when they take place and take their opinions into consideration as well, while continuing with the plans

Daly Seven Inc., Durham, NC

Shifted to North Carolina after my stint at Trump Interior Decorators Inc., and was accepted into Daly Seven Inc., where I worked as an Interior Designer from March 2008 to March 2012. My job duties in the company consisted, but were not restricted to the following:

  • Taking the particulars of the location such as logistics information regarding spatial constraints and geometric dimensions from prospectors who have visited the client's assigned location
  • Collecting information about the client's desired preferences in connection to wall paints/wallpaper designs, furniture, raw materials, accessory ornaments, et cetera as well as the decided upon budget for the project
  • Submitting the data about the day-to-day progress of the project to the client services and then receiving data about the client's feedback on the same through the client services department

Educational Qualifications:

  • Completed Master of Arts Degree in Interior Design, 2008 from The University of Oklahoma, OK
  • Completed Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design, 2006 from The University of Oklahoma, OK


Will be provided on request

If you have any achievements with regards to interior designing either at your previous workplace/s or your college, you can also highlight them in your resume. Be clear and sell your interior designer resume to the recruiters with factual information about your prolific past in the professional field. We wish you the best for your job application.

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