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Fine Arts Teacher Resume

A fine arts teacher resume is written for applying for the post of fine arts teacher at a school, arts department of a college, or community center that is dedicated towards teaching different forms of art. Here, the job of such a teacher is to instruct the students and train them in the performance of such art forms, including visual arts (painting, murals, sculptures, etc.) or performing arts (acting, dance, photography, and others). She teaches the students about the basics of one or more of these art forms, thus preparing them for a professional career in any one of them.

Fine arts training is a very important factor for the overall well-being of a person, as this also inspires patience, deeper understanding, and spirituality in one's self. This kind of education makes an important part of the curriculum of many well-known universities and colleges. This interest is also shared by schools in order to impart interest in the students towards these kinds of activities from a younger age. A fine arts teacher appropriately guides the students towards the right track for learning these things and becoming well-trained professionals.

In order to impart such training, the first thing that a fine arts teacher needs is proper knowledge of the art forms together with a clearly charted out plan of action in the form of a curriculum to teach the students step by step. In this manner, the teachers have to plan the entire semester/year for the students. During the course, the students are briefed about an art form, provided demonstration on how it is practiced, practically trained in a particular art form, and finally evaluated on the basis of their performance in their own independent projects.

The teachers, to get this job, require at least a bachelor's degree in fine arts from a recognized college/university. For those teachers who want to teach at a higher level may require to have a Ph.D in any of the arts subject. Practicing professionals, who are already in this field, may be invited by colleges to give training to the students and teach them about arts.

Following is a fine arts teacher resume sample for your consideration.

Richard Jenkins
123, West 61 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 72111


Seeking a teaching position in your college's art department as a fine arts teacher in painting where I can train the students in various painting forms and styles, thus making them well-trained and proficient in this art.

Profile Summary:

  • 9 years of rich experience in the field of arts, teaching about paintings and training students in analyzing them
  • Good experience of 2 years as an art curator at the fine arts section of American Museum, New York
  • Always encourages new talent and promotes a deeper understanding of the art forms
  • Fully devoted towards promoting the art of painting among young people, educating them formally, and also increasing their level of thinking and realization
  • Experienced in organizing various painting exhibitions for the audience

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to strike a chord with the students
  • Extensive experience in studying modern art paintings and sculptures
  • Good at training students in the art of analyzing and understanding different paintings
  • Good communication skills in English – verbal and written
  • Excellent management skills
  • Creative skills to generate new ideas and concepts

Work Experience:

Fine Arts Teacher (2010 to Present)
TSD College, California

Responsibilities Included:

  • Trained and imparted knowledge among the students regarding the modern and post-modern art of painting and pre-modernization era of sculpting
  • Used many new and inventive ways of teaching students in the class and hold their interest towards the subject matter
  • Provided them with objective driven and result oriented training in the art forms
  • Imparted education on the topics of various techniques used by various famous painters of an era
  • Gave them an insight of an era's sense and sensibilities, covering the social systems, wars, and other factors
  • Monitored the performance of the pupils and evaluated them accordingly and encouraged them to move forward in their careers
  • Organized various art exhibitions for exposing the students to work ethics and popular forms of art

Arts Teacher (2005 to 2010)
GK Senior School, New York

Responsibilities Included:

  • Used fine expertise in creating paintings to demonstrate important techniques to the students
  • Planned the curriculum and also arranged outbound trips to various museums for the students
  • Encouraged discussions on the art work
  • Assigned projects to the students and evaluated them on the basis of their performance in formulating those projects

Educational Qualifications

  • Ph.D in Fine Arts, University of California, California (2005)
  • Master's Degree in Fine Arts (Paintings), College of Arts and Design, University of California, California (2003)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts, University of California, California (2001)

This is how a fine arts teacher resume is written for applying for the related job positions. This is the exact format for writing such a resume. All the best.

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