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Film Production Assistant Resume

A film production assistant resume is written by a person who is competent enough to handle the diverse roles and responsibilities involved on the sets of a film, television show, or a commercial. The main job of a film production assistant is to help in all sorts of ways to facilitate a smooth production. This involves taking care of the arrival and packing up of all kinds of film equipment, hiring of props and costumes, helping the actors in their preparations, assisting the crew, etc.

There are three kinds of production assistants in films – set PA, location PA, and office PA.

The job of a set PA is to work on the sets of a show/movie and help in effective communication between different people working on the set. He has to give cues to the actors, help them in preparations, carry messages from one department to another on the sets, call out scenes/shots and scene cuts, carry scripts and other documents to actors and other people working on the sets, etc.

An office PA works in the production house office, handling phone calls, managing intra and inter office communications, collecting scripts from writers, etc. So, he is basically responsible for the smooth functioning of the office.

A location PA has to work 12-18 hours a day on the sets, helping in getting set construction equipment to the location. He is to come first to the set, get the set ready for shoot, and help in pack up after the shoot, thus leaving at the last.

While writing a film production assistant resume, keep the following points in mind:

  • Mention the projects on which you have worked till date, along with the production designation you held. This will help the recruiter in understanding about your experience and abilities
  • Attach references; it is important in such jobs to give a reference of a senior film industry professional in your resume. This will add value to it and impress the recruiter
  • Write an objective statement that cannot be ignored. It should make an impact on the reader's mind regarding your capabilities and motivational levels

Following is a sample of film production assistant resume.

Chris Henry
26- Rick Street,
California, CA-85001
(123) 434-0343

Objective Statement:

To work in the dynamic industry of films as a production assistant and coordinate all the production activities and take care of the location, office, and set duties, while facilitating a smooth production.

Profile Summary:

  • 6 years of work experience in the production department of films, thus contributing to a number of good movies of the decade
  • Have worked on many award winning movies and ad commercials
  • Expertise in conducting location management and all other related responsibilities in this line of work
  • Well connected with many important people which helps to survive in this line of work, enabling a smooth flow of work
  • Worked with XYZ Productions, NY - one of the most reputed production house of the state

Skills Summary:

  • Highly efficient with all the work involved in location production duties
  • Good at negotiating with and persuading the workers and getting the job done on time
  • Good with setting up lights, laying down tracks, checking the light meters, conducting set construction with fiber and thermocol
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Initiative taking personality and hard working nature

Work Experience:

XYZ Productions, NY
Production Assistant

  • Gained intensive experience of working on film sets and learning the scopes of location management and talent management
  • Gained experience of working on films, ad commercials, and documentaries
  • Assisted the production head in various tasks which were assigned on a daily basis
  • Kept a record of all the expenses incurred on day-to-day basis in constructing sets and provided the same to the accounts department

ABC Television Network, NY
Production Assistant

  • Functioned as an assistant to the head of production department and worked in the sets department
  • Kept track of all the suppliers and ensured that all the equipment arrive at the set on time

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts, College of Arts, New York University, New York, 2008
  • High School, FFD Higher Secondary School, New York, 2005


(Mention your achievements here.)

This is how a film production assistant resume is written. Remember to use the tips given here to come up with an appealing resume.

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