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Fashion Designer Resume

People interested in fashion designing and willing to pursue a career in the field must first work on designing a resume that dictates their expertise and skills in the field of fashion designing. A perfectly designed fashion designer resume portrays the applicant's ability to design clothes and accessories from different materials with the use of creativity and innovation. The resume must display the applicant's ability to think out of the box in the field of creating designs on the paper and then turning them into reality. Although, it is difficult to draw a picture of the creativity quotient that one possesses, one can frame the resume in such a manner that it shows the skills and knowledge of the applicant related to the field.

Writing a resume in a creative manner that stands out of the lot is perhaps the best way to reflect one's expertise and skills in fashion, but writing such a type of resume requires skill and knowledge too. The resume should look creative and sound confident, but in reality many applicants commit some or the other mistake while writing the resume, as they try to make it look different from others and get carried away with that. They should draw the line somewhere in between and design resumes that look elegant as well as extremely professional, along with a touch of creativity. Many designers also submit resumes that are dull and which do not reflect any sort of creativity or expertise at all.

Designers who have the talent may still lag behind because of not possessing a high end resume in their hands. They must know how to construct a resume that will surely make a difference in their job application processes.

There are certain guidelines that one must be aware of before attempting to write a resume. Below mentioned are some important tips that will help the applicants in writing better fashion designing resumes for their job applications.

Tips for writing a fashion designer resume:

  • Applicants writing a fashion designing resume must follow the functional resume format that can be obtained by doing some good online research. The chronological or conventional format won't be appropriate for this post, as it will make the resume dull and applicants will not be able to express their stories appropriately
  • The resume must be written in a professional tone. Although, it is a fashion designing resume and one is suppose to be creative, yet one should not forget that fashion designing is a profession too. So, it is important to make the resume sound official and professionally competent
  • The resume must give a complete picture of the applicant's skills and expertise. Without it, the recruiter will remain blank on the potentiality and capability of the applicant related to the field
  • The resume should be brief and not too lengthy
  • Applicants must add relevant information in the resume. For instance, if one includes that he possesses good accounting skills in a fashion designer resume, it will be of no use as these skills have nothing to do with fashion designing
  • Finally, after completion of the resume making procedure, one must proofread his resume several times, as it enables the submission of a flawless resume

Below is a sample of fashion designer resume, following which one can have an appropriate idea on how to construct a better resume for the fashion designing post.

Terry Gilliam
68 Hermit Lane
West Bank-02893
Phone: (124)-543-9854

Career Objective:

Looking forward to work as a fashion designer with a reputed fashion label where I can use my skills and expertise in the field to create unique designs for both clothing and accessories.

Profile Summary:

Possesses a professional experience of 3 years in the field, working with two of the most established fashion houses in the business. Proficiency in contemporary designing using the latest techniques and equipment with good communication skills and team work attributes.

Professional Exposure:

Firm: Eden Fashion House Miami
Post: Senior Fashion Designer
Duration: January 2013 to Present


  • Creating designs for Runway projects
  • Individually designing in the spring summer, summer, autumn winter, and winter collections
  • Efficiently handling the segments for satisfying the client requests and designing for renowned celebrities

Firm: Gloria Fashion House New York Post: Designer Duration: January 2010 to December 2012


  • Working as a full time designer of clothes and accessories
  • Displaying active participation in Runway projects and other projects encompassing Paris and Milan
  • Provided training to new entrants
  • Managing clients and satisfying their requests efficiently


  • Received "Best Designer Award" in Eden Fashion House for portraying the best winter wear collection ever in Project Runway in December 2013
  • Received "Guild's Award" for the best accessory designing for the year 2012
  • Received "Maxim Designer Award" for designing the best footwear for the year 2011

Skills and Expertise:

  • Excellent in sketching clothes and accessories
  • Proficiency in 3D graphical designing
  • Excellent computer skills with knowledge of the latest software used in designing
  • Familiar with the equipment and tools used in designing
  • Expert knowledge of the use of colors, shades, and hues
  • Familiar with the procedures involved in garment designing
  • Good knowledge of various types of fabrics, materials, textiles, etc.
  • Good communication skills along with team work and leadership aspects


  • Completed Diploma in Designing from VMX Institute of Designing, CA in 2011
  • Completed Bachelor's Degree in Arts from Walton University, CA in 2010


I hereby declare that the above information is true as per my knowledge.


Resume, Appreciation Letter, References.

The above sample of fashion designer resume will surely help the applicants in writing better resumes that would result in a successful job application. For a successful job application, your resume should be coupled with a cover letter which will brief your skills and experience that you possess. For samples of cover letter, vist here.

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