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Disc Jockey Resume

A disc jockey (DJ) resume is written by a person whose job, as we all know, is to mix and play appropriate musical recordings in events, parties, etc. We all know what a disc jockey's profession involves and how he entertains people who visit clubs and pubs to get entertained and have a nice time.

With the spread of modernization, many diverse influences have come along to get hold of the people and their wants. These wants have grown and nourished a large scale of unabashed movement of consumerism in all of the world. No one can skip the dose that this consumerist subconsciousness brings along with various cultural and societal influences. While a person has to be highly conscious to not fall for these pseudo-affections and dependence on the modern world's infinite false fancies, there are a very few people who have been left unscathed by the far reaches of this cultural tide. Clubbing, shopping sprees, disc jockeying, etc., are all the by-products of mass-consumerism.

While the advocates of mass-consumerism and industrialism may defend their sides by stating the level of employment that these things have provided for the interested job seekers, it is widely and on a conscious level known to all that these things have brought in foreign and largely unwanted influences with them which are, by the way, not needed but only desired by the people of well means and resources. Disc jockey is the name of a profession emerged out of the people's need in today's society to party and party more. With time, the demand for such specialized professionals has increased and is still increasing. What started off as a one's part-time job, amateurish means to support his lifestyle, has now turned into a full time professional one. It is thus important for such a professional to maintain a proper resume for seeking the job prospects.

While writing a resume, certain points are needed to be kept in mind. They are as follows:

Make no mistake - It is of great importance for the writer to ensure that his resume is free of any grammatical mistakes or factual errors. This is of prime importance because the recruiter will select you on the basis of the quality of information provided by you in the resume and clarity of the document. If there happens to be a mistake in the document, imagine what kind of impression will that make on the reader

Always maintain the same font type and size - It is not recommended that you change the font type and size in the resume. It should remain constant throughout the entire length and breadth of the resume. If the need is to highlight certain important terms or phrases then use the italics or bold option; nothing more than that

Following is a resume sample for the job of a club disc jockey (DJ).

Michael Fox
41st Privet Drive
Lakewood, CA
(432) 699-0912


To play music at the leading clubs of the country and entertain the patrons to the hilt with mood-setting music and foot-tapping tunes.

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of audio-visual setup and optimum usage of speakers and amplifiers to give the best sound output
  • Good knowledge of all popular and chart-bursting music and the great artists behind their creation
  • Great at mixing music and providing a never-ending foot-tapping entertainment
  • Excellent communication skills and people skills, helpful in dealing with people in large gatherings
  • Identifying the mood of the gathering and giving the patrons the right kind of music
  • Good with the operation of the latest equipment and possesses up-to-date knowledge of the gadgets and their upgrades

Work Experience

Sonic Night Club, Miami (2012-Present)

  • Demonstrating specialization in playing on all kinds of occasions such as corporate parties, wedding anniversaries, theme parties etc.
  • Taking care of event promotion, advertising, stage and equipment set up, etc.
  • Handling the song requests of the guests and playing them the desired tones
  • Mixing music to rocking music
  • Playing all kinds of music genres depending upon the mood and event type
  • Playing the music according to the theme of the party

Pandora Night Club (2010-2012)

  • Worked as a DJ on a part-time basis
  • Played hard rock and blues music
  • Organized the stage and set up the equipment before the events and parties

Educational Background

  • Graduation in Arts, College of Arts, New York University, NY, 2010


(Fill up this section with any of your relevant professional achievements.)

This is how a disc jockey resume is written using the above mentioned tips. It will be an added advantage if you add a cover letter for disc jockey along with your resume.

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