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Commercial Artist/Instructor Resume

A commercial artist resume is written by a person who is dedicated to an art form which has a certain level of mass appeal attached to it, thus making it a profitable profession. This is why, the professional could be referred to as a commercial artist/instructor.

There are many kinds of commercial artists namely, dancer, actor, musician, rock star, filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer, etc. The list is actually endless. In this world of creativity and arts, there is no dearth of the varied types of commercial artists. Any avenue or stream has some or the other kinds of artists related to it, which make for an intricate and indispensable part of that stream. Even large corporate establishments need artists such as graphic designers for designing their ads, packaging materials, concepting models, and writing ad copies.

There is no fixed qualification required for these forms of art professions. What one actually needs is a creative vision and high level of interest in his field of art work. Moreover, skillswise, he needs to be good at that kind of art and a person new to the field can learn over the course of time, while working with the senior artists of that field.

Following are some basic directions one must follow while writing any resume:

Watch out for any mistake - While writing a resume, it is very important that you watch out for any mistake. This can be done by proofreading your resume once or even twice after writing it. Eliminating mistakes will give you a smooth and well-written resume. This will also make a positive impression on the recruiter about you.

Give clear headings for separate sections - One of the best practices for writing your resume is to clearly divide the information under distinctive headings. The work related information will go under 'work experience' section and skills related information will go under 'skills summary' section. This will make way for an easy read and also add the element of clarity of thought.

Keep it simple - It is a nice idea to keep the language and tone of the resume as simple as possible. Avoid using hard words. One can use industry related terminology. This will give the recruiter a positive impression of your knowledge about the industry.

Don't make it lengthy - A lengthy resume will not help you in any way. This will, on the contrary, garner more chances of neglect by the recruiter owing to its own length. This is why, it is important to add only relevant information to it; the one related to the kind of industry you are applying in.

Following is a commercial artist resume of a graphic artist for your reference.

Augustine Kramer
123, Ginger St.
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 411-9876

Objective Statement:

To dedicate myself to the development of catastrophe graphic art and work towards pushing the boundaries of innovation and more appealing mix of surrealism and catastrophe.

Profile Summary:

  • Self-employed graphic artist since the last 4 years
  • Specialized in natural catastrophe theme
  • Designed graphics using Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe utilities
  • Designed graphic art for various art galleries and movies

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent drawing and sketching skills
  • Complete knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and other related Adobe tools and software
  • Good at rendering graphics for live action movies
  • Expert in charcoal drawing
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Work Experience:

Paramount Graphics, CA
Freelance Graphic Artist

  • Worked on several projects for films
  • Designed visuals for rendering special effects
  • Designed movie poster art for film marketing and promotion
  • Worked on typeset and developed new fonts for the company posters

Self Employed
(since 2010)

  • Created a whole new range of graphics with catastrophe theme
  • Started exhibiting samples of art on personal blog:
  • Practiced a mix of surreal art with elements of huge natural catastrophe
  • Always focused on only the natural occurrences of destruction

Educational Qualification:

  • Completed a workshop on charcoal drawing, 2009
  • Completed Bachelor of Modern Arts Degree, University of California, CA, 2007


(Put details regarding your professional achievements, but not necessarily of monetary nature.)


Gordon White
Senior VFX Artist

Paramount Graphics, CA
(123) 311-0921

This is how one writes a commercial artist resume. Take care of the above mentioned points to write a good, impressive resume. All the best.

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