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Choreographer Resume

A choreographer resume is written by a person who likes to dance and also see others dance. A choreographer has the ability to think of new steps and innovate and improvise movements that are fine and pleasing to the eyes.

With the start of many dance competition programs on TV, this profession has captured the eye of all the followers and budding professionals of the industry. Even amateurs have received a huge boost in their confidence and interest via these programs. Because of the television industry's wide spread reach, dancing and singing have once again become the eye candies of the preachers of the popular culture. Even the ones who don't know how to dance, now want to dance and they can do so by watching the contestants' moves on television and joining dance classes, which has become one of the most popular vocational hobbies.

Choreographer is the name given to the professional who knows and understands his/her craft of dance and has the ability to choreograph dance steps for others. It means designing a sequential order of movements and forms for the dancer, which he/she will follow while performing a dance.

While writing a choreographer resume, one needs to take care of the following points:

Mention all important performances - When you are writing such a resume, it will be a good idea to, under a separate section, mention all the important performances which you have choreographed. Include the stars, if any, for whom you have choreographed in those performances. This will give a clear idea to the recruiter about your abilities as a choreographer.

Mention your specialty in dance forms - Dance has many forms. The recruiter wants to find out the dance form in which you specialize. You must only apply for the relevant projects and also mention in your resume about the dance form that you specialize in.

Mention any awards won by you - It will be a nice idea for you to mention about any dance related awards won by you. Mention such information without fail under the achievements section in your resume. This will add more mileage to the impression factor of your resume.

Following is a choreographer resume sample for you.

Christina Burwell
52 Baker Street
Bellmore, NY 11710
(516) 788-0932

Objective Statement:

To receive a choreography project for a major television dance show and work towards training the contestants in professional dance forms, namely salsa and tango, thus contributing towards a satisfying performance in the show.

Profile Summary:

  • Experience of 6 years in professional tango and salsa dance forms
  • Worked for some of the major Broadway productions such as Flow Swan and Harold's Ballad
  • Good knowledge of choreography notations that are useful for dancers for self practice
  • World tour with Vikings Band performance

Skills Summary:

  • Thorough knowledge of salsa and tango dance forms
  • Ability to put the performers at ease and make them to learn with a relaxed mind
  • Knowledge of other dance forms too

Experience/ Portfolio:

Stage Shows/ Concerts

  • The Summer Soul Dance Edition with Gary Singer - Vikings Studio
  • Fire and Ice with Fedora White and Gerald Smiths - ABC Studios
  • The Rising of the Phoenix with Tracey Jordon and Ema Hunt - The Club
  • Peta and Margot with Harriot Brown and Ilsa Monner - Red Button Studios
  • Heady Wine - Rushmore

TV Productions

  • Who Wanna Dance? | Season 2 - FOX Networks
  • Jason and Lilly Go Dancing | Season 1,2,3 - ABC Entertainment
  • Tango Tonight | Season 3,4 - Showbiz Network

Broadway Plays

  • Flow Swan, starring Jemma Wordsworth, Mark Rudolph, and others | Produced by Gericho & Company
  • Harold's Ballad, starring Rose Apetaw, Brian Penn, and Felicity Jones | Produced by FDG Productions
  • A Midnight Summer's Apocalypse, starring Ben Maltre, Macbeth D, and others | Produced by The Wagner House

Educational Qualifications:

  • Specialty Course in Tango, XYZ School of Dance, NY, 2010
  • Diploma in Choreography, School of Dance and Theater, University of New York, NY, 2008


(Here, you can mention some awards or performances done on a large/international scale.)


(Get a reference for your work from someone well known in the industry. This will give a boost to your resume application.)

Jordon Kline
(Choreographer and Head)

Hollywood Dance Academy, CA
Contact: (231)-512-0232
Email Id:

This is how a resume is written. Along with the resume, you can give a brief introduction about you via your choreographer resume cover letter, as a cover letter and resume designed in correlation would help you in ensuring an effective marketing of your candidature.

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