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Assistant Professor of Medieval Arts Resume

An assistant professor of medieval arts resume is written for the post of a learned and experienced arts teacher who is specialized in the teachings of the medieval art form, be it paintings, excavations, or any other art element from that bygone era. He is to teach the students in the arts department of a college/school or a dedicated art institute. He is required to complete his graduation or Ph. D in a relevant arts field.

The primary job of the professional is to properly train and instruct the students and guide them in understanding the culture and thinking behind such art forms from the bygone era. These art forms could be paintings, dance forms, rituals, writings, and other culturally influenced products of creativity of the medieval times, which in the present time hold special importance for the students who want to understand the humanity and culture, then and now, in a deeper and more profound manner that most of us are aware of. This is the aspect that makes the profession more specialized and special.

Such programs concerned with the study of art forms involve teaching the students in a semester wise fashion. The professors may change as per the topic or scope of the art studies. Study of arts can take place in your life and career and instill within you a greater sense of understanding and closer perspective of spirituality. This level of education is to be made as an essential part of the syllabus in all major art studies colleges.

With regards to the educational qualifications for this post, the applicant will require at least a major degree in the related arts field from a recognized college/university. For becoming a professor at higher level, the applicants will require a Ph.D degree.

Following are a few tips for writing a good resume:

  • Be clear - The way you write the resume should be clear enough for the reader to understand. It can be done by using clear, simple, and straightforward language. This will improve your prospects of cracking the challenge and getting the job
  • Be short and crisp - Write a crisp and short resume. The reader will not stand for long if the resume is full of inconsequential details that run into layers of pages. This is why, it is recommended for you to use only the relevant information and write it in a short, phrase like crisp language

Be it an arts teacher, physics professor, chemistry professor, English professor, music teacher, or any other resume, the format and flow of information will remain the same as shown below. This sample can be used for applying for a post of professor in any college for any subject.

Richard Jenkins
123, West 61 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 72111


Seeking a responsible position in your college's art department as a fine assistant professor of medieval arts and painting for training the students in various painting forms and styles, thus making them well-trained and proficient in this kind of art.

Profile Summary:

  • 9 years of rich experience in the field of medieval arts study
  • Carried out research on the history of still photographs with the help of vast knowledge in philosophy, cultural anthropology, and natural sciences
  • Undertaken a detailed research program in the theories of art and dance
  • Fully devoted towards promoting art and its knowledge among the young students and increasing the level of their intellect
  • Served as a faculty member with some of the leading colleges

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills in terms of making an approachable impression on the minds of the colleagues and students alike
  • Extensive study experience in art and culture venerations with regards to the time bound influences of the medieval era
  • Good time management skills and ability to finish the course in time for the examinations
  • Good communication skills in English, German, Spanish, and French languages
  • Excellent management skills used in handling the daily work
  • Creatively driven to new ideas and new innovations

Work Experience:

HL School of History and Art Studies (2010 to Present)
Assistant Professor, California

Responsibilities Included:

  • Working with the students for investigating on historical texts, paintings, and other excavated materials and getting the reports from them on the same
  • Teaching the students on the subjects of 'images and communities' and 'cultural evil and anthropology from medieval times'
  • Providing the students with an objective emphasized study into the history of images
  • Training them in understanding the techniques and methods of artists
  • Conducting a detailed study of the social system, legal system, and the resulting psychological effects of these on the people of the past era and finding these traces in the found paintings and texts
  • Arranging for the students educational outdoor trips to art and culture museums

IMN Institute of Arts and Sciences Study (2005 to 2010)
Assistant Professor, New York

Responsibilities Included:

  • Used my expertise in insignia and cultural relevance to teach the students for identifying various symbols of sects from the medieval societies
  • Gave lectures on human anthropology and development of culture
  • Started research programs in the evolution of medieval arts and related theories
  • Encouraged class discussions on such related topics

Educational Qualifications:

  • Ph. D in Politics, Art, Literature, and Theory of Medieval Times, University of California, CA (2005)
  • Major Program in Visual Culture in Medieval Art , University of California, CA (2003)


  • Member of Institute of Epistemology in Arts, New Orleans
  • Member of Art, Alchemy, and Science, New Orleans

This is how an assistant professor of medieval arts resume is written for applying for such kind of posts. This is a highly specialized job and an applicant with suitable experience and knowledge will only be chosen for the job position. So, it is essential that you only put in the most impressive and relevant information here and spare the rest of it. This is to be included in the format given here, using separate headings for each section and clear bullet points, in a crisply written fashion. This is the way to go. So, all the best!!!

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