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Arts Management Resume

Arts management resume is written with the intention of getting a job at a higher management position in an art organization. An art management employee's job includes responsibilities such as looking after the lower staff, setting targets or jobs for them, briefing them on the latest issues, monitoring their work, dealing with prospective and other buyers/dealers, and meeting them to bring about fruitful conclusions from the dealings. He, depending on the department operating in, has to look into the marketing and PR aspects too. He takes care of various exhibition events and plans out various other events.

For getting such a job at this level of management, one needs to be highly qualified, both in terms of education and experience. Since it is a high level management post, an MBA degree will definitely help. Apart from this, the candidate should have a considerable experience in the related field of art. In addition to this, through his experience, the applicant must be efficient in administrative and leadership skills.

For writing a good resume for this post, the need to follow these tips should be kept in mind while writing the resume:

Objective Statement - Your resume starts with this section, where you need to write your objective statement as to this job. This statement needs to be brief and also be able to capture your vigor and motivational levels regarding this job at hand.

Profile Summary - This is the section that gives the reader an overall idea of the entire resume application. This is done by mentioning all the highlights/important points of your professional self under this single section. Don't overcrowd it though. Keeping it exclusive is important.

Skills Summary - Write about the skills that you have picked up along the way until now.

Work Experience - This section is filled with the details of your previous work along with the company name and post held by you in your past company. Also, add the duration of your employment in the company. These details are to be stated in reverse chronological order, starting from recent employment record and going back the older ones.

Education - Give details about your educational background in this section.

Achievements - Mention about your any important achievements in your line of career - any awards, recognitions, or appreciation or acknowledgement letters.

Following is a resume sample for this post for your reference.

Carl Henry
123, Mary Hillside
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456 834


To secure the position of arts manager in an organization and dedicatedly work towards promoting the rich art culture and to make use of my skills to achieve the company's mission and vision.

Profile Summary:

  • A good 6 years of experience in performing managerial duties, while working with M&M Arts Expo and Nigel Artists & Co.
  • Excellent knowledge of paintings and other artifacts from the bygone eras

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent skills in conducting administrative duties and other related tasks
  • Excellent communication skills; good in verbal and written English
  • Entirely focused on the betterment and promotion of art culture
  • Good at time management and possesses fine planning skills
  • Great management and administration abilities
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Equipped with a problem solving attitude

Professional Experience:

M&M Art Gallery, Boston
Gallery Manager

  • Organized a number of successful art exhibitions
  • Identified potential clients and collaborated with them to organize various art related events
  • Worked closely with the publicity staff to bring in enough attention to the events
  • Looked after the day-to-day work involved in the successful running of the gallery
  • Managed the buying/selling/renting of artifacts for exhibition purposes

Artists & Co., Boston
Assistant Manager

  • Looked into the production and maintenance of paintings and graffiti
  • Maintained the contact details and other data of the clients and suppliers
  • Prepared reports for giving presentations in the weekly meetings
  • Worked with the curators in close association
  • Organized fund raising events for making donations to various local NGOs

Educational Qualification:

  • Master's Degree in Business Administration, University of Boston, MA, 2008
  • Advanced Course in Arts and Paintings, McMillan Studio, San Francisco Arts College, CA, 2006


(Fill this section suitably with a few of your prominent professional achievements.)

So, this is how one needs to write an arts management resume for applying for jobs at the managerial level in the arts field.

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