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Art Teacher Resume

An art teacher resume is written for the post of a faculty member at a school, arts college, or community center where the teacher instructs and teaches the students about the basics and aesthetics of various art forms. Art education is an intrinsic part of the course structure at all the major universities across the US. Art education is also made available in elementary and secondary schools to inculcate interest towards the field in children from a younger age. An art teacher's job is to teach, assist, and supervise the students in various forms of art - painting, murals, dance, acting, etc.

The art teachers prepare plans and a definite structure for the entire curriculum for the students, recommend specific books that are a must read for the subject in question, and set goals for the semester/year. Throughout the duration of the course, they observe and evaluate the students based on their knowledge and work. They give various assignments to the students in order to evaluate them based on their performance and level of understanding. Teachers also schedule trips to art museums for educational purposes apart from encouraging the students to organize art festivals.

Required educational qualification for this post is a bachelor's degree in fine arts/ arts from a recognized university. For lectureship in a college at a higher level, a Ph. D degree is mainly required. Experts in the field such as professional painters or dancers can take guest lectures in schools and colleges. One has to be clear about the teaching methodologies, managing students and maintaining their attention to the subject matter, thus making the class interesting for the students. Following is an art teacher resume sample for your consideration.

Emily Smith
246, Cobblestone Drive
Tavares, FL, 2361,


Seeking a position of painting teacher in your college's art department with an aim to induce the necessary knowledge about the art of painting in the students, thus drawing them closer to the different painting cultures of the world.

Profile Summary:

  • 9 years of experience in teaching and analyzing some of the greatest paintings of the history
  • Experience of 3 years as a curator at the American National Art Gallery, California
  • Always encourage the students to come forward and display their talents
  • Devoted to raising the bar of art education, so that the people can come in touch with spirituality and thoughtfulness through the paintings
  • Organize various exhibitions for the people all around the world

Skills Summary:

  • Extensive knowledge of modernism and postmodern art
  • Good at analyzing and explaining paintings and their abstract forms to the students
  • Skills to motivate the students to try and push their limits of creativity
  • A strong sense of experimenting and coming up with new ways of teaching the students and holding their interest

Work Experience:

Art Teacher
XYZ College, California
(2010 to Present)

Responsibilities Includes:

  • Guided and trained students in various painting styles such as cubism and neorealism
  • Set fixed course objectives for the students and motivated them to work towards those objectives
  • Educated the pupils on the various techniques and procedures that go into paintings
  • Monitored and evaluated the students' performance over a fixed span of time and also helped them in improving their work
  • Arranged a tour for the students to various art exhibitions for a sense of more profound knowledge about the field of art

Art Teacher
Ballard Senior School, California
(2005 to 2010)

Responsibilities Includes:

  • Displayed expertise in teaching the art of painting to the pupils
  • Planned and managed various trips to different art exhibitions and guided them through the instructional sessions
  • Arranged painting seminars for the students, including competitions for them to compete in
  • Introduced them to some of the very useful books on art and culture of the bygone era

XYZ Art Gallery
Curator, California

Responsibilities Includes:

  • Receiving the clients and organizing their exhibitions
  • Arranging for these exhibitions with proper planning
  • Encouraging the State Art Club to bring in pupils for guided tour through the gallery

Education Details:

  • Ph. D in Fine Arts, Carolina University, NC (2004)
  • Master's Degree in Art and Design, College of Arts and Design, NC (2002)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts, Carolina University, NC (2000)

This is a proper, structured way in which an art teacher resume is written. Pay heed to the resume writing techniques portrayed here and construct a pleasing resume for your application.

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