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Art Outsourcing Manager Resume

An art outsourcing manager resume is written by a person who wishes to deal in art department's work of facilitating art related items to the clients for exhibition or photo shoot purposes.

For writing an effective resume, following a fixed format is necessary. The reader is always looking for important and the most impressive information in your resume. Follow these tips to write a good resume:

  • Keep it simple - It is not of any regard to use rich diction of literary level here. The reader is just looking for relevant experience and clear communication skills of yours. You can make it clear by writing the resume in simple English. However, you could use the industry relevant jargons and technical terms within a standard limit
  • Keep it short - The reader won't be reading your entire resume from top to bottom. He will just skim through for relevant information and leave the rest. To ease out his job, why not write a short resume covering only the important and catchy parts of your work experience and other related details!
  • Use section headings - For making it easier for the recruiter to navigate his way across the resume, you should provide each separate section with a separate and relevant heading. These headings will help in directly coming across the relevant information of your profile. Suppose, the recruiter is looking out for your technical skills, insert a separate sub-section with the heading 'Technical Skills' under the 'Skills' heading
  • Mention all accurate details - It may happen that your phone number or designation in your previous organization must have been changed. Before mentioning such details in your resume, ensure that they are correct and accurate. Make sure that the names of the companies and references are spelled correctly
  • State the important details first - Under each section, always give priority to the most important details. They should be featured before other points. This impresses the reader, thus improving your chances of winning the job
  • Write in reverse chronological order - This is to be exercised in the work experience and educational qualifications sections. Here, start from your most recent work experience or educational courses pursued by you and then move back to the preceding details. This is done because the reader is always concerned about your recent professional past

Following is an art outsourcing manager resume sample for your reference.

S. Smith
24 west Connecticut Avenue
San Degio, CA, 90127
(302) 888-5555

Objective Statement

To take up the job of art outsourcing manager and competently fulfill all my duties in a professional manner to help the company in its further growth.

Profile Summary

  • 7+ years of professional experience in the art management industry, including 2 years in the film industry as a production coordinator
  • Acquires a rich prior experience in managing and leading art outsourcing processes
  • Experienced in multiple aspects of visual medium art rendering and planning
  • Proficient working in studio setup, as well as outdoors, and managing outsourcing processes well enough in both the scenarios
  • Holds an excellent contact with a number of suppliers and service providers in the art outsourcing industry

Skill Summary

  • Strong interpersonal and team building skills, as they are necessary in this line of work
  • Strong and able leadership skills to ensure that there is a proper management of the team and that the results are delivered on time
  • Proficient with computer usage, including the Internet and Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word)
  • Strong negotiation skills to strike beneficial deals

E.R. Group, Miami
Art Outsourcing Manager (2011- Present)

  • Coordinate the deals between the company and third party including vendors and suppliers
  • Develop a fixed supply schedule and outsourcing schedule and costing
  • Work with the art department coordinators to identify the needs and urgency for a process and suitably decide whether to outsource or manage it by ourselves
  • Seek approvals for outsourcing from the top management
  • Review the entire chain and test it for timely delivery and dispatch

ABC Group, California
Asst. Art Outsourcing Manager (2007-2011)

  • Ensuring that the art items and other props are available on time for work
  • Keeping vendors in the loop and updating their contacts from time to time in addition to looking out for better deals
  • Assisting the senior asset manager in preparing a proper schedule for art outsourcing
  • Updating the database with outsourcing details and preparing reports for the senior management
  • Approving the offers from the manager
  • Keeping track of all the outsourcing activities and maintaining records for the same

Educational Qualifications

  • Master's Degree in Business Administration, University of California, California, 2007
  • Diploma in Art and Design, XYZ Institute, California, 2006
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts, University of California, California, 2003


(Fill this section, according to your preference, with some professional achievements of yours.)

This is how an art outsourcing manager resume is written and compiled. Notice the tips mentioned in the introductory part of this article. One should follow these tips if there is to be written an impressive resume.

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