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Art Director Resume

Art director resume is written for an important post that involves working on the sets of a photo shoot/ad shoot/movie, designing and arranging the sets and props required for the particular shot/sequence. In other words, the art director is responsible for the entire look and feel of the studio. He usually works in teams with his subordinates. After getting the brief from the makers of the feature or production house, the art director has to spend time in drawing a rough setting of the entire studio, demonstrating graphically how the entire studio will look like once it has been designed and readied. Once this plan is approved, he gets going with his subordinates and gives them the list of props that are required for the shoot, instructing and seeing over the entire process of designing the set and placing each and every prop in its right place.

The art directors, for this reason, are indispensable instruments in the entire process of creating anything in the visual medium. The reason behind using the expertise of an art director is to create an impacting perception about the product/visual/movie scene in the minds of the viewers.

While writing a resume for such a position, all the basic elements of a resume's structure remain the same. All the sections and headings are to ascend as shown here in the sample. Since this is an artistic and creative post, your writing should reflect your keen interest in the same field. You can attach photographs of your previous work along with the resume. When it comes to art direction, it may be done for various fields as stated above. In accordance with the job role you are applying for, your skills and experience should match up to it, thus showing the recruiter that you can handle the responsibilities well enough.

William Smith
74, Ellis Street
San Diego, CA, 12683
(555) 126-3862


To work dedicatedly towards creating visually strong and creative campaigns that have a strong, positive impact on the viewers and thus help the clients in finding a strong foothold in the industry.

Profile Summary:

  • 5 years of extensive experience in art direction
  • Highly creative and always motivated to do things in new ways
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Desired to take initiative; a highly motivated individual
  • Excellent team player and ability to work well independently
  • Ability to do multitasking and work efficiently even under demanding deadlines

Skills Summary:

  • Competent in Mac and PC platforms, Adobe Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., and layout software including QuarkXpress and InDesign
  • Complete artistic understanding of photography and typography
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to coordinate well with different departments in order to arrange for things in a timely fashion fashion.


Senior Art Director
SHS, Inc. - California,


  • Assist the accounts and finance departments in keeping the budget under the planned limits
  • Good experience of working hand-in-hand with the production unit in order to determine and apply suitable ways of set construction in order to be economical
  • Always meet the deadline by completing the set art in the given time frame for the shoot
  • Closely work with the photographers and graphic designers to produce the desired artwork for the sets
  • Keep the printing team in close loop to secure the exact final product, which is as per the client's needs
  • Use the constructive criticism to my advantage by incorporating new ideas in my work
  • Guide the young trainees in the direction of creative thought processes
Art Director
GAK Communications - San Diego, CA,


  • Looked into all the visual aspects of visual/audio-visual projects
  • Handled the research and development process of various projects and performed the job of troubleshooting various problems arising in the process
  • Helped brands in establishing their corporate identities by executing quality shoots for them
  • Worked on promotional films and ads for the client companies
  • Saw over the entire conceptualization and designing process involved in a project


Associate Degree in Visual Communications & Arts, 2009
University of California

Bachelor's Degree in Arts in Graphic Design, 2008
California Art University

This is how you write an art director resume. Know the important points given here and amplify your prospects of winning your desired job.

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