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Art Assistant Resume

An art assistant resume is written by a candidate who wants to apply for the post of an assistant in the administrative office of an art gallery or art event organizing company. His job involves taking care of all the operations of the office.

This sample of art assistant resume provides you with all the relevant data that needs to be added to such a resume and also tells you how to go about the structuring a resume of professional level which could impress the reader. This resume is an overview of all other accompanying factors and sections that make for an efficient and well written resume. Such a resume, upon uploading, will generate more clicks by the recruiters who are constantly in the search for new efficient employees for different companies.

Following is a structure of such a resume:

  • Objective Statement - This should be a brief, one liner statement describing your enthusiasm level and level of hard work that you are willing to put in for the work to achieve greater success in your career
  • Profile Summary - Give the recruiter something different here. Write about at least one of your qualities or capabilities that make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. This will improve your chances over others to get selected for the interview
  • Skills Summary - An exhaustive but short list of all the necessary skills that you possess which will enable you to do your work efficiently
  • Work Experience - Mention your employment companies with their names along with your designation at which you worked in those companies. After this, mention in brief your work responsibilities in those companies as well. This will give the recruiter a clearer picture of your professional experience
  • Education - Give details about your education in the reverse order - starting from the latest and going back to the earliest education, i.e., high school
  • Achievements - Mark the end of your resume with a few points that reflect the results that you have achieved in your professional career

Scott Kramer
2754 Senior Avenue
Miami, FL, 1038

Job Objective:

Seeking the position of art assistant in your exhibition house to utilize my rich past experience to bring about swift operational developments and carry out the responsibilities with utmost dedication.

Personal Summary:

  • Wide experience of 5 years in administrative duties
  • Strong focus on details and ability to carry out the work exactly as ordered
  • Strong work ethics and integrity towards the job
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills that make it easier to get the work done smoothly around places
  • Strong organizational skills and great focus on problem solving rather than just endlessly discussing about the problems

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent communication skills with fluency in both writing and speaking in the English language. Proficient with 2 international languages - French and German
  • Expertise to work on all kinds of operating systems - Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.
  • Strong analytical skills used for problem solving, thus enhancing the performance
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)
  • A long time multitasker to the level of perfection

Professional Experience:

Assistant, Art Exhibition
The Illinois Art Center - Chicago, IL

Responsibilities Include:

  • Worked closely with the higher management and made arrangements for every exhibition
  • Managed all the logistics during the in-house art events
  • Managed all the art related inquiries from curators, clients, and other artists
  • Established contacts with artists and invited entries for events
  • Performed the work of scheduling the maintenance work and other activities

Art Assistant
Derek's Gallery- West Palm Beach, FL

Responsibilities Include:

  • Executed art creation orders and procured materials for the exhibitions
  • Prepared charts and schedules for all the quarterly events and shows
  • Made reports for the management conferences
  • Procured paintings and other art materials from other art galleries for various events
  • Prepared payment invoices for the clients and suppliers

National Gallery of Art - Washington, DC
(December 2009- May 2011)

Responsibilities Include:

  • Worked under the direct supervision of the gallery floor manager
  • Organized and maintained all the record books of the recent art additions to the gallery
  • Researched on the latest available paintings in the market
  • Prepared performance and target plans under the supervision of the gallery manager
  • Helped in preparing insurance documents for the artifacts

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Florida International University, Florida


(State at least one career related achievement here.)

This is the proper way of writing an art assistant resume for impressing a recruiter. It is worth mentioning here that all the information that you put in the document should be relevant to the job for which you are applying; any irrelevant information must be ignored to avoid rejection. Repeated use of industry relevant words and terms is advised, as this practice will ensure that your resume features in the top search results whenever a recruiter searches for resumes of deserving applicants.

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