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Art Administrator Resume

An art administrator resume is written by an applicant who wants to secure an administrative position in an art gallery or establishment. The job of this professional includes taking care of all the administrative tasks under his purview of responsibilities - seeing over the budget allocation, granting permissions to the third party for conducting exhibitions within the establishment, granting permissions for building repairs, and looking into the marketing affairs, promotions, and event organizing aspects of the job.

For occupying such kind of a position, no technical knowledge is necessary. But a bachelor's degree is required which could be in any field. Apart from this, a candidate should have strong administrative and leadership skills. What is more important for getting this post is the work experience - one has to have a good amount of experience working in any of the administrative positions in other organizations prior to the one applying in and should have worked long enough in and around art exhibitions and events in order to exactly know how things move about in this sector. This position could open up even in drama theaters, museums, and exhibition galleries.

In its proper format, a resume will have the following sections in the specified order:

  • Objective Statement - Add a strong, crisp statement about how do you plan to add worth to the operations of the workplace
  • Profile Summary - With limited bullet points, tell the recruiter about your USP and other important points of your profile
  • Skills Summary - Mention all about your skills that you have learned until now while making your career
  • Work Experience - Mention the names of the companies along with your designation in each one of them. Also, share some information about the work responsibilities that you handled there
  • Education - Give details about your educational qualifications
  • Achievements - Mention about the important achievements earned in your line of occupation. It may include any awards, recognitions, or appreciations from employers or seniors

Following is a resume sample for this post for your reference.

Carl Furman
123, Ellis Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 456 789


To contribute to an organization that is dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of our rich art culture and to utilize my skills to forward this good cause.

Profile Summary:

  • Rich experience of 6 years in administrative jobs and working with various reputed art galleries of the city
  • Good knowledge of paintings and murals of the modernism and post-modernism era
  • Also, possesses good knowledge of cubism art

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent administrative skills to manage the entire work process
  • Good skills in written and spoken English
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Focus on proper channels for clear information flow, thus facilitating in following the details to the T
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Always keeps a problem solving approach

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Well trained in cultural art and murals
  • Knowledgeable in many different areas of paintings including cubism, post modernism, and abstract art
  • Proficiency in corporate advertisement conceptualization and illustration

Professional Experience:

Gruberstien Art Gallery, Boston
Administrative Officer

  • Organized many different art exhibitions
  • Located potential clients; organized presentations and coordinated exhibitions for them
  • Hired publicists for specific events to generate public interest
  • Initiated the buying of artifacts from various international sources

Graphic Artists, Boston
Secretary, Administrative Office

  • Procured graphic art as per the directions of the senior administrative staff
  • Generated contacts of the concerned parties for office use
  • Worked closely with publicists and event organizers for the purpose of ensuring that the events go on smoothly
  • Conducted fund raising events for giving donations to Paintbrush Artists, a non-profit organization working for the interests of the Painter Community of America


  • K.S. Kuhn Studio, San Francisco Artists' Guild, San Francisco, CA – Painting and Drawing (BFA) | 2003 - 2006
  • Academy of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA – Arts Administration (MA) | 2006 - 2008


Received the award for 'Best Employee' at Gruberstien Art Gallery, Boston, MA | 2013

So, this is the format that needs to be followed when writing an art administrator resume. Keeping the resume short and crisp will work in your favor, as the recruiters do not like to read lengthy, unending resumes and waste time; they prefer it to be less painstaking and quick to read. This is why, one needs to stick only to the relevant details. In terms of education and work experience, only those details that are relevant to the job opening should be written.

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