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Actor or Actress Resume

'Acting' as a profession is an extremely glamorous one to take up. While performing the role of an actor or actress, one needs to have skills and talents of acting and role playing. So, while writing a resume for such a position, you have to highlight your achievements, expertise in the area of acting, awards received, acting talents, positive qualities, and previous experience in the area of acting in television, theater, film etc., settings. Your pleasing personality and good looks can be added as additional components to your acting profile.

The profile requires a variety of skills. A versatile personality will be the one that the employer would be on the lookout for. So, you need to highlight all these skills, professional training received, and expertise in the area of acting while preparing your resume. Besides, the stage roles performed, extraordinary awards received, and fair personality features should be at focus while writing a resume for an actor or actress position. You can also highlight the different languages known, accent, and personality features such as height, color, skills, etc., which will maximize the chances of getting selected for the position. Performance as a child actor/actress can also be included in the resume with a view to show your acting talents and passion for the profession.

Michael E. Rand
480 Jehovah Drive
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Career Objective:

Aspiring for the role of a lead actor in your next film to utilize my acting skills and talents to give a refined and pleasing performance and create a unique identity in the area of acting and role playing.


  • 4 years of experience as an actor in theaters and drama role playing
  • Awarded with the 'Best Supporting Actor Critics' Choice 2013' award for giving an incredible performance for 'Gilbert's House'
  • Received 6 months of formal training in personality grooming and development
  • Attended a workshop to enhance and refine acting skills and performance


  • Extensive experience in the area of acting
  • Proficient acting skills
  • Pleasing personality and looks
  • Expert in acting out different emotions and feelings
  • Strong memorization capabilities
  • Well acquainted with different tools and techniques used in the acting industry recently
  • Quick learning attitude
  • Reasonably proficient in French and German languages
  • Flexibility and easily adaptive to unplanned transformations

Technical skills:

  • Excellence in the area of theater acting
  • Extensive knowledge of different trends and historical developments in the field of acting
  • Possesses perfection in voice modulation and varied acting talents


  • Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from University of California, CA in 2008
  • Diploma Course in Drama and Acting (for refining acting skills) from New York Film Academy, NY in 2010


  • Acting 101 (two months of certification course in acting) from University of California, CA in 2010
  • Certificate Course in Advanced Acting from New York Film Academy, NY in 2012

Professional experience:
An Actor: Gilberts Production House Ltd. 2010-till now


  • Started with the job of a theater actor
  • Assisted one of the producers in creating a movie
  • Performed a supporting actor role in 'Gilbert's House'
  • Provided assistance to the directors
  • Performed a lead role in one of the TV daily soaps named 'The Warren Yachts Gang'
  • Performed as an anchor for some of the popular television programs
  • Hosted the well familiar 'The Milton Arrived' program for two seasons
  • Played a supporting actor role for three movies of different genres


  • Presented the 'Best Supporting Actor Critics' Choice 2013' award for giving a fabulous performance in 'Gilbert's House'
  • Winner of an intercollegiate competition for acting and drama
  • Received the 'Best Performer Award' for the best stage performance for the play 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare


  • Member of CA Cosmopolitan Club, which functions for the benefit of the society
  • Associated with CA Charitable Trust, which works for the rehabilitation of the victims of natural calamities

In this way, while writing a resume for the position of an actor or actress, you have to highlight your professional experience as well as your personality features such as height, color, complexion, including your additional skills and talents. You should focus on the remarkable awards received and background in the area of acting in theater, television, etc. You can also mention your supplementary talents such as dancing, playing different instruments, vocational training received, etc., which helped you to refine your acting talents and skills. You can spotlight your personality features on a cover letter, so that your resume looks more impressive. Refer to some of the brilliantly written samples of cover letter of actor resume for receiving some appropriate guidelines.

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