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Senior Architect Resume

The purpose of writing a resume is to get interview calls from your favorite employees. Resume is the tool which takes you to the phase of an interview. So, it's important to write a resume in such a way that it should fetch you an interview call. The job of a senior architect is to design the structure of a building or other construction sites. The whole lay out of a building is designed by the senior architect. Everything related to the building, such as planning, designing, cost, etc. are decided by the senior architect. They deal with all types of projects related to construction. They play an important role in the field of architecture. So, when a candidate is writing a resume for the post of a senior architecture, he/she should mention the skills needed for the job of a senior architect.

Senior Architect Resume Example

While you are writing a resume for the job of a senior architect, you need to follow a proper format which will help you design an attractive resume. You can refer the sample given below:

Robert Thompson
4421 Palm Street
New York- 5421
Contact No. - 021-348-5389
Email Id -


Seeking a post of Sr. architect in a growing organization where I could gain more experience and take the organization towards profit.


  • Good at drawing layouts of construction sites
  • Possess technical knowledge in drawing, related to architecture
  • Good at different tools of computer used in architecture writing
  • Good at analyzing and preparing charts and reports
  • Possess good written and oral communication skills
  • Good communication skill in English and Spanish
  • Possess excellent negotiating and convincing power


  • Completed Masters Degree in Architecture in the year 2007 from University of New York


TTY Constructions and Design, New York
Designation: Senior architect
Duration: July 2007 to September 2009


  • Convincing clients about a particular design
  • Negotiating with several clients who need to make design
  • Analyzing, planning and designing the lay out of the project
  • Responsible for solving the problems related to the project
  • Completing the project, within the budget and within the given time period
  • Handling different clients and their projects
  • Coordinating with the other workers such as laborers, suppliers, etc. for the successful completion of the task on time

KKH Construction Firm, New York
Designation: Sr. Senior architect
Duration: December 2009 to till Date


  • Planning, analyzing and designing a proper lay out of the project
  • Convincing the client on several designs of the project
  • Negotiating with clients on the projects and the lay outs
  • Coordinating with the suppliers, laborers and other people who are related to the project
  • Responsible for completion of the project on time
  • Responsible for completion of the project within the planned budget


English and Japanese


Completed the undertaken projects successfully, and was also awarded a best employee by KKH Construction Firm in the year 2010


Daniel White
Marketing Manager
Email Id: danie4421

A sample of a senior architect resume has been given above for your reference which will help you to write an impressive resume for your future career. Samples of senior architect resume cover letter is also available to make your resume more effective and impressive.

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