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Landscape Designer Resume

A landscape designer resume highlights the candidate's professional background, bringing into light the essential elements of value - his knowledge and expertise within various sectors of landscape designing such as garden designing, soils and civil engineering, architecture, landscape planning and contracting, land surveying, geography, and botany. It also projects his professional interests and goals, irrespective of whether short or long term, running parallel to the employer's expectations or requirements. The application must be directed towards displaying your expertise in ensuring that a construction stays in artistic conjunction with its landscape. While the career objective puts forth the designer's interests and purpose to the application, it also attracts the attention of the reader.

Resume is your marketing tool, a medium to communicate your abilities to your employer. But you need to be sure that what you're promoting is what the employer is looking for. It is therefore regarded as a good practice to contact the recruiter beforehand and discuss their needs. This will help you project only those qualities in you that the employer is looking for. Here's a boosted chance for earning an interview. Following the objective, mention your key skills, highlighting only the most significant roles that you have played, only those that possess relevance to the job profile that you are applying for. Highlight your proficiency in art and architecture, including your knowledge in various sub-sectors. Pick the skills to be noted, considering whether the employer comes within the public sector involving the protection of wetlands or places with historical value; or private projects including Universities, Hospitals, and companies.

In the employment history, you are to include the fundamental details of your previous employments such as the name and location of your employer, your designation and duration within the company, and 4-6 essential duties and responsibilities that you had executed throughout your stay within the organization. Highlight them using bullets for optimal visibility. Educational qualification need not be elaborated unless you're a recently graduated candidate, in which case you need to include the details of the fundamental course modules and essential knowledge that you have gained, specific to the particular degree. Remember that all dated information should be organized to feature the most recent events on top of the older ones. If you have any record of receiving any awards or rewards during your academics or previous employments, you may include the information in a separate section dedicated to displaying your "accomplishments."

Given below is a landscape designer resume sample, for your reference. Observe its layout and study carefully its contents to get an idea of its customization. You need to keep a formal tone throughout your application; however, it should be a personal expression of interest towards the job and bear the essence of willingness to serve for the growth of both the employer and you, as an active participant in an ongoing process. Also, please note that the sample is meant only for reference and copying the entire contents onto your resume will give rise to a generic resume that will lack a great deal of personal appeal. Do not forget to include an equally effective cover letter along with your resume. This website is dedicated to providing tips for writing resumes and cover letters. Browse thoroughly to find free cover letter samples, provided for your reference.

Julie J. Greenlee
2735 Davis Street
Augusta, GA 30901
(706) 364-4329

Career Objective:

Seeking an opportunity to further bring closer the elements of art and modern architecture, and be an active participant in the design and construction of a homely environment, to best compliment the smooth functioning of businesses and facilities.

Core Competencies:

  • Highly proficient in the design, instruction, and presentation of landscape design, parking design, and garden design
  • Expert in soil analysis, landscape lighting, considering innovative visual concepts
  • In depth understanding of environmental care, placing of utilities, and space optimization
  • Sound knowledge of horticultural botany, landscape engineering, construction management
  • Adequate knowledge of urban regeneration and pedestrian schemes
  • Expert in the comprehension of conceptual designs; accurate judgments for adaptations and ground modifications

Professional Experience:

Employer: Fraction Landscaping - Augusta, GA2009 till present
Designation: Landscape Designer

  • Involved in the development of optimized architectural designs for the synchronization of the construction with its environment
  • Participated and coordinated design/model presentations for existing clients
  • Participated in recreational projects in the public sector and highway landscaping
  • Coordinate with senior designers in determining and analyzing the overall expenses of a specified project
  • Conducted detailed examinations of construction sites to study the natural surroundings

Employer: Scooper Barryblink Associates - Atlanta, GA2004 till 2006
Designation: Garden Designer (Intern)

  • Developed designs for the construction of residential parks and private recreational facilities
  • Conducted on-field examination and investigation for soil-reading and analysis of the natural environmental design
  • Summarizing and recording the clients requirements for significant future reference
  • Involved in the installation of plants, trees, shrubs, stone pathways, hedges, fencing, and water objects, considering visual concepts
  • Preparing requisitions for the acquisition of landscape materials


Master of Landscape Architecture2009
College of Environment and Design, GA
Placed in grade A

Bachelor in Landscape Design2003
University of Georgia, GA
Placed in grade A


Available upon request

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