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Data Architect Resume

Resume should be designed, and written according to the need of the employer and the job profile. It should be written in such a manner that the employer is bound to call you for the interview. A data architect is a person who looks after the whole DBMS (Data Base Management system) of a company. He/she is responsible for creating and maintaining a design for storing the data in the database. Moreover, the data architect is also responsible for programming and security of that database. It means he looks after the whole database of the company. So, when you are applying for the job of a data architect, you need to mention these skills which will make the employer believe that you are the right candidate for that particular post.

Data Architect Resume Example

Whenever you write a resume for the post of a data architect, it is recommended that you follow a proper sample. The sample will guide you to know how a data architect resume should look like:

David Brown
6579 Bonhomme Avenue
Missouri - 62531
Contact No. - 021-225-5542
Email Id -

Career Objective

To implement my skills towards success in my career and towards the growth of the corporate sector.

Key Skills

  • Possess good communication skill, both, in written and oral as well
  • Familiar with the DBMS tools needed to create and maintain the database
  • Familiar with other software of data mining and data extraction
  • Possess good supervision skill
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office and other related tools
  • 6 years of experience in the field of DBMS
  • Good track record throughout my career

Educational Qualifications

  • Masters Degree in Law from University of Missouri in the year 2005
  • Bachelors Degree in Law from University of Missouri in the year 2002

Work Summary

PTY Technologies, Missouri
Designation: Data Architect
Duration: November 2005 to August 2007


  • Managing and improving the DBMS of the company
  • Implementing new tools necessary for data base management system
  • Updating the database regularly
  • Adding new data to the database
  • Removing old and unnecessary data from the database
  • Extracting and using the old data through the process of data mining
  • Involved in the process of testing sometimes

GGH Corporations, Missouri
Designation: Jr. Data Architect
Duration: September 2007 to till Date


  • Managing the whole database by updating it regularly
  • Adding the new data in the database
  • Deleting old data from the database, if not needed
  • Helping the employees to understand the new tools implemented every time
  • Coordinating with project managers and higher levels of the management
  • Responsible for the fair working of the whole data base management system
  • Providing solutions with the problems related to data base management system
  • Coordinating with the employees as well as the higher management
  • Applying new strategies for the betterment of data warehouse

Languages known

English and French


Awarded as the best employee by BNB Enterprises in the year 2009


John Robinson
Accounts Manager
KK&H Corporations
Email Id:

The above given sample will help you write a resume for the job of a data architect. You can follow the sample and write an impressive data architect resume for your job.

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