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Cloud Architect Resume

A cloud architect resume reflects the candidate's proficiency in the development and management of cloud application platforms. As it acts as an effective marketing tool to advertise your technical knowledge and abilities, it also puts forth your career related interests and goals. It is your first official point of contact with the employer, outlining your profile, showing yourself as an expert cloud computing professional. Often it is seen that technical resume lack precision and the recruiters are left dissatisfied with the bulk of job applications. This is indeed due to lack of proper customization.

Sync with the company's vision

A resume, in order to fulfill its purpose, should be constructed carefully, keeping all the information employer-centered. It is very important for you, as a competing job seeker, to share the vision of the company you're applying for, so as to gain adequate understanding of their expectations, and present only the significant information accordingly. It is therefore considered to be a good practice when candidate contact their employer and talk to one of its recruiters to discuss their needs in detail. This actually adds clarity as to the presentation of professional qualities, aiding the organization of information. A standard resume starts with an effective career objective, stating your goals as an IT professional. You need to ensure that your objective stays connected with that of the organization's.

Substitute your previous job descriptions with a profile summary

As mentioned earlier, customizing your resume adds a personal appeal to it, thus directing the reader only through those qualities in you that are completely relevant to the specifications of the job or position that you are seeking. Do a favor to the ever-busy recruiter by facilitating a quick, easy, and informative read. A worthwhile read is what a recruiter is looking for. Also remember, that a recruiter spends hardly a minute to review your resume. Including an executive summary, instead of the usual previous job descriptions in your employment history, gives you a chance to cut down on mundane, general, or irrelevant skill sets and qualities, which in any case isn't going to add much value to your application. It is wise to instead restrict your resume to one page only, and showcase only those details that hold utmost significance to the job profile that you are seeking. Include about 6-8 points, covering all your essential roles in your previous employments, highlighting them using bullets, as shown below in the cloud architect resume sample.

Showcase your key skills

Immediately following the summary, a section dedicated to highlight your core competencies as an experienced solutions developer, bringing into spotlight your technical know-how and the most essential skill sets. Include about 4-6 points, careful not to miss out on anything significant. Till now, all the information that you have included must sum up to a clear professional background, projecting you as a potential asset for an IT business.

Observe carefully the free sample of the cloud architect resume given below, grasp the layout and arrangement of information, and study the sentence formation to get a clear idea as to the presentation of your profile.

Jessie B. Scott
2020 Meadow Drive
Neihart, MT 59465
(406) 236-9726

Career Objective:

Cloud Application Platform Architect with over 6 years of total experience in the development and implementation of architectural solutions, seeks an opportunity to utilize the best of skills and expertise in Enterprise Java Application Architecture, for subsequent growth as an active participant in an ongoing business process.

Executive Summary:

  • Enabled easy sharing of technical resources and developmental costs, and the centralization of infrastructure across a large integration of users
  • Involved in bulk data processing, including consumer statistics, census, industrial reports, and financial transactions
  • Optimized the utilization of data systems, and improved the efficiency of security and storage solutions by control and prevention of loss of sensitive data
  • Designed, developed, and updated cloud infrastructure solutions by simplification and automation of critical business processes through scripting and associated tools
  • Collaborated with marketing professionals, software engineers, and product managers for potential support and further tuning of established architectural protocols
  • Subject matter expert in information storage, sizing, multi-tenancy, peak-load capacity, and virtualization
  • Experienced in the development of custom Java applications and networking solutions
  • Developed sound understanding of Web and Spring frameworks, familiar with the advantages of dependency injection

Key Skills:

  • Fundamental knowledge of autonomic, grid, and mainframe computing
  • Database management: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2
  • Closely familiar with open source cloud and application platforms
  • Experienced in Oracle Weblogic, VMware CloudFoundry, IBM Websphere, Jboss, Tomcat, and ORM mapping tools
  • Proficient user of Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, with in depth knowledge of essential troubleshooting techniques
  • Highly efficient in critical analysis, quality and performance testing and analysis, server troubleshooting, project administration, and disaster recovery

Professional Experience:

2008 - 2012
Cycrest Systems - Spokane, WA
Application Platform Architect

2003 - 2006
KQNT - Spokane, WA
Solutions Developer - Storage and Security

1997 - 2003
Tometa Software
Sr. Software Engineer


MS in Information Systems 2008
Interface college - Spokane, WA
Placed in grade A

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science 1996
International Academy of Design and Technology - Seattle, WA
Placed in grade B


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