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Broadcast Software Architect Resume

A broadcast software architect resume brings to the fore the candidate's proficiency in the development and dictation of technical and coding standards, and manage the complete cycle of the research and development process of broadcasting software platforms. As a major medium of communication between the candidate and the employer, the resume radiates his interests and aspirations pertaining to the profession of software architecture in the sector of television and broadcasting. It acts as an effective marketing tool, where the product to be marketed is your profile. It's purpose lies in gaining the confidence of the reader, and convince him to consider you as a desirable candidate. Of your job application comprising of your resume and a covering letter, the former serves the purpose of showcasing your skills, abilities, and technical knowledge, while the latter stands out as a personal message to the recruiter, explaining your interest and willingness to join their team.

Career objective, which follows your contact details, should be framed considering the job specifications and the requirements established by the company. Calling the employer and talking to one of their recruiters to discuss the company vision and expectations will give you a clearer idea as to what information pertaining to your profile you need to mention. Out of the several elements that give shape and quality to your profile, you need to pick the significant pointers, and organize them to maintain uniformity throughout the resume. Following the objective, a section dedicated to showcasing your key skills, will perfectly compliment an effectively written objective, to draw the attention of the reader. The quality of the information that now follows, will determine the reader's level of engagement in your application. While mentioning your key competencies, do remember to exclude the general skill sets, and state only those that hold utmost significance to the job profile that you're aiming for.

Your employment history must be thoroughly customized to bear a personal appeal. Include the fundamental details such as the name and location of your employer, and your designation and duration of employment. Also, include 4-5 points that cover the important duties and responsibilities that you had undertaken during your previous employments, highlighting them using bullets for easy visibility. Also remember, all information that are characterized by dates must be arranged in an inverted chronological order, where the recent events are featured on top. Educational qualification need not be elaborated. If you wish to include the details of any achievements, you may do so in a separate section or you may arrange the information along with the corresponding employment or education. You might need to include references if the employer specifies you to.

Given below is a free sample of a broadcast software architect resume. Observe carefully the order of information laid out, and grasp the nature of its contents. Pay close attention to sentence formation and you'll get a clear idea as to how to present your profile in brief, while not missing out on anything important. Also, do not forget to enclose an equally effective cover letter that promotes your profile with enhancement. This website is dedicated to providing tips and samples for resume and cover letter writing. Browse carefully to come across the best resume samples and cover letter templates.

Rick L. Bentwick
3169 Heather Sees Way
Tulsa, OK 74136
(918) 730-8713


Broadcasting Architect seeking an opportunity to further develop and implement multi-dimensional architectural visions for embedding essential qualities such as performance, modifiability, and security for softwares used within the realm of television and media.

Key Skills:

  • Highly skilled software architect, expert in the design methodology of software codes
  • High degree of experience in troubleshooting and the provision of optimal solutions for software issues, sound knowledge of project management
  • Self-motivated, confident, with a highly artistic architectural vision characterized by innovation, sophistication, and logic
  • Proficient in the use of programming languages such as Java, Pascal, Prolog, Shell scripting, VHDL, and TCL
  • Expert with database systems such as SQL, Oracle (11g, ASM, and Data Guard), Sybase, and Toplink
  • Closely familiar with development tools such as NetBeans, Idea, and Delphi; and enterprise frameworks such as Spring, JMS, CORBA, J2EE, and RPC

Employment Details:

2006 - present
Wigg Works Broadcasting Inc - Tulsa, OK
Software Architect

  • Involved in the creation and design of component designs, analysis of their inter-communication, and functioning of each component
  • Responsible for the subdivision and breakdown of complex applications at developmental phases into smaller elements, for convenient management
  • Designed work assignments to be executed by design and application teams
  • Applied fundamental standards for limiting the choices at developmental stages

2001 till 2005
Unichrome Vizon - Oklahoma City, OK
Sr. Software Engineer/ Developer

  • Responsible for defining application frameworks and discussing innovative architectural concepts and design choices with software developers for approval and implementation
  • Coordinated the overall life cycle of the developmental process, including the supervision of research and testing, ensuring the operation's adherence to standards and policies established by the company
  • Administered training and instructions at every progressive stage in the process of design, coding, and implementation


Certificate in Software Architectural Designing2004
Kilburn Technical Institute, OK
Placed in grade A

Bachelor's degree in Information Technology2001
University of Phoenix
Placed in grade A


Available upon request

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