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Applied Architect Resume

Applied architect is a person who has the ability to shape your personal environment and create a unique and peaceful space for your family. The designing of the space available in your house is done to enlighten, facilitate and entertain your better living. These people have the ability to make that scratch houses into real homes. It plans and brings out spaces that was somehow unused. You may experience a drastic change in how your house looked and how it looks after an applied architect designs it with his/her skills. An architect requires to work in team so as to achieve organizational goals in an effective manner as well within time. He/she needs to plan the task properly and assign it to the juniors as well as achieve client requirements. He/she may also need to work in the development, performance and infrastructure maintenance. Listed below are some of the tasks that an applied architect may perform.

  • Design homes for multi family format in an affordable manner and come up with a beautiful design that is done as per the thoughts of the client
  • An architect can mold your thoughts into a real home design. You can either get a traditional or a fantastic modern look for your house.
  • He/she can also plan and design your retail and commercial spaces. When thinking about designing your shop or store, the primary importance is given to space. You may need more space so that maximum of the stock can be kept or displayed in that particular store area. Now, the architect will design your store so that all your needs are fulfilled and you get maximum usage of your area.
  • He/she would provide you with a design and demonstrate it to you so that you get a clear idea as to how your house or commercial place is going to look after the work
  • They would also consider your neighborhood while designing your house. It is their task to come up with a cost effective and attractive design that is unique and fit to the requirements of the person concerned.
  • It is however a group work and team effort so as to provide the customer with utmost satisfaction. The owner, builder and the architect need to discuss about the matter so as to finalize a design.
Michael R. Hayden
3602 Hillcrest Circle
Elk River, MN 55330
Phone: 763-633-4136
Email ID:

Objective : I have the desire to work as an applied architect in an organization of high repute, so as to use my experience and skills in this field and polish my talents for future endeavors.


  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office with 8 years of experience and using the tool even today
  • Have 5 years experience in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Well acquainted with the Auto CAD, CAD systems engineering management software and have working experience of about 6 years
  • Have experience in research as well as have worked in architectural design and planning
  • A team player and have ability to work as well as handle a team
  • Proficient in verbal and written communication skill
  • Co-operative nature that helps you to get easily adapted to a condition and work with the team


Masters in Urban and Regional Planning
University of South Alabama
Year : 2011

Bachelors of Architecture
Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
Year: 2010

Job Experiences

Project Manager/Architect Manager
LDV Architects
December 2010-Present


  • Making plans according to the work schedule and work division in time slots
  • Preparing information regarding specifications, designs, equipments and materials
  • Providing directions in preparation of drawings and documents
  • Calculating costs for elements required in the construction process
  • Cross checking the documents and review the design prepared
  • problem solving attitude
  • Making sure that all the necessary testings are done


  • Was nominated for the American Institute of Architect Award
  • Played important role in various studies being a member of team from IBM during the workshop training
  • Designed CAD workshop training for the juniors


Pride Purple Group
Los Angeles
September 2009-August 2010


  • Have cerated CAD drawings according to the information received from the engineers and the customers
  • Research work for the completion of a project
  • Assisted in preparing layouts, database, drawings and work statements

Assistant Architect

John Dere Architecture
San Diego, USA
Feb 2003 October 2005


  • Co-ordinated with the team in preparing the design and discussing the prospects within a project
  • Have worked with the research team to plan a design considering the space planning, structural analysis and cost effectiveness of a design
  • Helped the juniors understand the time management process so as to get a task done within a specified time and with utmost accuracy
  • Finding the flaws if any in a design, before implementing it in a design construction
  • Have experience in architectural research works like code and zoning research, monitoring project budget and keeping record of the contractor payments and the utility bills
  • Assisted the lead architect in the execution of a plan


I declare that the information provided in this document is true and I shall be responsible for inclusion of any false data in the document.

Michael R. Hayden

An applied architect is a personnel who is responsible for designing a peaceful environment for your family in your home. He has the ability to utilize the space in your house to the maximum and give it a look of your choice. If you want to apply for the job post of an applied architect, you can use the resume provided above and draft your personal resume following the format of this sample.

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