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Technical Business Analyst Resume

The technical knowledge of a person can be applied in various sectors of a business so as to find out the defects and solve various technical as well as business issues. If you want to work as a technical business analyst,you need to have technical degree as well as have a proper business sense. Apart from the educational degrees and the certifications, this job requires you to have a logical thinking and you need to be able to handle more than one task at a time. Before creating any resume, you should know the format for a certain type of resume. The technological format of a resume is only for people who are from IT and engineering background.

For the post of a business analyst, you need to follow the chronology and the functional format. If you are shifting to this career from some other field, you need to mention those experiences too. First of all, place your contact information at the top of the resume starting with your name. Whether you are drafting a chronological or a functional resume, you need to have sections in your resume like for objective, skills, education and experiences. You can either focus on your career history or on your skills. Now, obvious enough you will be selling the part of you which is stronger. Mention the job post as business analyst and remember that some employers may call this post as project manager, Corporate Data Analyst or Business Development Manager.

Make a choice whether you want to use the chronological format resume or the functional resume. Use the chronological format if you have a minimum 5 years of experience in the related field. You can use the functional resume if you have less experiences to show and have gaps in your career history. In the chronological format resume, you need to mention all your experience with name of the post, name of the company and the duration you have served there. Discuss your job responsibilities being on that post. When mentioning these experiences, mention only the experiences of last 10 years. Your resume should not go beyond 2 pages. If you are drafting a functional format resume, you should begin with your skills and these would be your USP. Translate your academic educations and your positive points into your skills that a recruiter for a business analyst may need to see. For example, a sales personnel must have gained experience and must have developed skills like planning strategies, training personnels, etc. After mentioning these, you can create a small section that includes all your past experiences along with the names of the companies and the job description in brief.

Victor S. Torres
3392 Reppert Coal Road
Jackson, MS 39213
Phone: 402-154-2563
Email ID:

Objective: Want to work as a technical business analyst in an organization of high repute.

Have experience in business analysis and programming in complex systems. My job responsibilities in previous jobs included training, designing, development and implementation of applications. Helped in mentoring of new team members as well as motivating the juniors, providing them assistance in their work and solving their issues. Have worked in industries related to retail, automotive and apparel.

Primary Skill : Have been working in the production of end user Software Engineering documentation for about 14 years.

Other Skills

  • Experienced in capturing, soliciting and facilitating business system requirements
  • A critical thinker with logical and analytical way of thinking
  • Have knowledge in requirement management tool
  • Can understand complex process flows in the business

Educational Summary

  • Certificate of SCRUM Master in the year 2005, from California
  • Extension Engineering program from Huntingdon College, Alabama
  • Received training for Context Sensitive Help Training - 2007
  • B.B.A and Bachelor of Science in 2001 and 2004
  • Done a photography course from University of Phoenix, Arizona

Professional Experience

Technical Business Analyst
Gravity Business Solutions, Chicago
January 2006- present

Job Responsibilities:

  • Supported in betterment and development of the life cycle of a product
  • Have been a part of the Software Requirement Analysis, which is a part of the development process
  • Ensured that the business requirements are met so as to ensure the quality
  • Prevented and solved issues that lead to conflicts among the employees

Technical Business Analyst
Soft-tech Business Solutions, Chicago
April 2003- August 2005

Job Responsibilities:

  • Have done analysis of the cost, utilization, effectiveness, benefits and other aspects of a project
  • Created plans to make project plans that focused on the task level tracking
  • Have dealt with issues related to system behavior
  • Assisted in providing system turnover data and assured its validation

Talentica Inc., Alabama, USA
Technical Analyst 2001 to 2003

Job Responsibilities:

  • Have tested the products throughout the product life cycle
  • Established captures to receive the defective units, so that failure analysis can be done for better performance of the unit
  • Verification done so that the unit passes the safety rules
  • Have visited the customers to fix the issues of the product or service that arose after being sold


  • Have been a part of product optimization program which has resulted in a saving of about $2 million
  • Was the primary liaison between the technical developers and the client or the customer users
  • Have gained detailed and thorough knowledge about the computers and its peripheral devices


I declare that the information listed in this document is genuine and correct.

Victor S. Torres

A technical business analyst needs to possess the technical knowledge as well as have a business sense too. He or she finds out the flaws in business and then acts accordingly to mend those flaws. If you want to become a technical business analyst, you will have to apply for it and a resume is the first thing that you may need before applying for the post. You can create proper resume using the above sample as a base.

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