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Information Security Analyst Resume

An Analyst plays an important role in an organization, whether financial, manufacturing, architecture, marketing or any other. These are professionals who analyze and evaluate the different projects, carry out some research and suggest management to run the organization effectively. Moreover, there are many problems that arise in an organization and the management needs someone who can troubleshoot those errors. It is a job which requires excellent skills in carrying out research, and drawing out conclusions out of it, that would be in the benefit of the organization. There are several types of Analysts depending on the nature of the company, and the job profile. A candidate can apply for this job profile as per his/her qualification, skills and work experiences.

One of the areas where an Analyst is needed, is Information Security, and a person working in this area as a Analyst is known as an Information Security Analyst. It is a job which requires high technical skills and knowledge in computer system. An Information Security Analyst is a professional responsible for protecting information and computer networks. They are also responsible to safeguard user accounts, digital files and other important information. They protect the data from external attacks and internal errors. Training users, promoting security awareness, safeguarding computer files against destruction, etc., are the several responsibilities handled by an Information Security Analyst in an organization.

You can apply for this job if you have related qualification and skills. As far as qualification is concerned, you should have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science. A master's degree in computers would be more preferable for this job position. A candidate applying for this job position should have excellent mathematical and analytical skills. These professionals should have sound knowledge of computer software and security. They should be aware of the different threats that would harm a computer, and should also be able to troubleshoot those threats and errors.

Now, if you possess all the required qualification and skills, then you can apply for this job position with a well prepared information security analyst resume. In such resumes, mention all your required qualification, skills and experiences. Make sure your resume has a professional look, and it is easy for an employer to read and understand. Never try to choose a template which is complex, and takes a lot of time for an employer to understand. You can also refer to some samples before crafting your resume for this job profile. A sample will help you avoid the common mistakes made by a candidate while crafting a resume.

Michael L. Jakes
2753 Ritter Avenue
Birmingham, MI 48009
Contact No: 733-214-4455
Email Id:


To develop my career as an Information Security Analyst in an esteemed organization, where my skills and experiences can be further utilized for the growth of the organization.


  • Highly skilled in Lab Testing and LAN/WAN administration
  • Excellent knowledge of the computer software used in Information Security
  • Possess excellent time management skills
  • Possess the qualities of a good problem solver
  • Outstanding communication skills in written and verbal English

Technical Skills

  • Outstanding knowledge of different platforms like UNIX, Novell and Microsoft Windows
  • Proficient in working with Protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP and LAN/WAN
  • Excellent knowledge of hardware like Switches, Servers and Routers

Work Experience

Company: Silcom Incorporations
Designation: Information Security Analyst
Duration: September 2010 to till date


  • Responsible to provide Internet Security 24 X 7
  • Responsible to handle the security of the computer files from internal and external threats
  • Responsible to develop plans to safeguard unauthorized destruction, modification, or disclosure of computer files
  • Keep track of the computer viruses, and determine a proper time to update the anti virus systems
  • Installing new software when needed, in order to correct errors, and modify computer system files
  • Coordinating with outside vendors regarding implementation of computer system plan

Company: Tonfind Incorporations
Designation: Information Security Analyst
Duration: July 2008 to August 2010


  • Responsible to take care of the Internet Security System, and trouble shooting the errors, if any
  • Responsible to diagnose and resolve the technical problems in internal and external resources
  • Run several anti-virus software to detect threats and viruses
  • Responsible to maintain firewall administration, and make sure that the computer system is protected by firewall
  • Coordinating with other employers working in the team of Information Security System
  • Responsible to make plans in order to safeguard computer systems against unauthorized destruction, or modification of data


  • Completed Master's in Computer Technology from University of California, California in the year 2008
  • Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from University of California, California in the year 2006
  • Completed High School from Saint Paul's Academy, California in the year 2000


Branden N. Sauls
(Information Security Analyst)
Stathow Incorporations
183 Sheila Lane
Reno, NV 89501

A sample of a information security analyst resume given above will help you while you craft a resume for the position of a Information Security Analyst, in a renowned organization. The sample will help you craft an impressive resume for your next job.

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