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Distribution Analyst Resume

A distribution analyst is responsible to oversee the process of distribution in sales or purchase section of a business organisation. Suppose the distribution analyst works in the sales section, he or she has to supervise the process of transporting goods to the customer's end. The position requires great organisational and supervising skills. He or she has to demonstrate quality work under any pressure situation.

A distribution analyst has to cooperate with the manager of the organisation in executing useful "product distribution strategies" to the assigned destinations to ensure maximum profit. He or she must have the capacity to assess the requirements of the products by various branches and distribute the products evenly according to the needs and avoid accumulation at one end.

A distribution analyst must be aware of the carrier's available and targeted customers in the assigned regions. He/she has to ensure that the distribution is done to the destinations with justice and must negotiate with the providers in achieving cost reductions. At the same time, he/she must strive hard to reduce wastage. He or she has to develop and maintain positive relationship with the management team and the customers.

Mildred R
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Job Objective:

Looking for the position of a distribution analyst in a reputed business centre

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Highly experienced in retail store operations and corporate businesses and dealings.
  • Possess deep knowledge of transportation facilities and its utilisation in business activities and warehouse operations.
  • Aware of all types of transportation facilities and their modes of operations.
  • Possess excellent communication and analytical skills.
  • Have the capacity to solve any type of problem that comes across the business.

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a distribution analyst in ABC Manufactures, Frisco, TX from March, 2005 to till date and my duties and responsibilities are as follows.

  • Managing the distribution activities of the organisation without any difficulty or delay.
  • Responsible for identifying the opportunities of resources and using them judiciously to achieve great profits for the organisation.
  • Responsible for smooth transportation of goods by using proper transport facilities as per the plans designed.
  • Responsible for identifying the inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the distribution process and cleared them.
  • Analyse the needs of the retail outlets and ensure that the supplies of the products are made to continue the sales, without any difficulty.
  • Responsible for maintaining a good communication with the manufacturing, purchasing, sales and marketing units of the organisation to ensure a smooth run in the business.
  • Responsible for introducing new strategies and streamlining the business to arrive at less organisational expenses and increase in profit.

Professional Experience:

Earlier, I had worked as a distribution analyst in XYZ Business Corporation, San Jose, CA from January, 2000 to December, 2004 and was responsible for the following roles.

  • Had managed the distribution system as per the policies and goals of the organisation and as per the law.
  • By identifying the opportunities, developed the existing infrastructure facilities of the organisation.
  • Had used the supply chain management and ensured proper distribution of products in a uniform way and removed the hindrances in this regard.
  • Did every thing possible to satisfy the customers and provided the best available service.
  • Responsible for the preparation of business planning and budgeting.
  • Was mainly responsible for opening of about ten more branches, ensured even distribution of products and improved the business to a peak level.
  • Made whirlwind tours to all the branches of the business and assessed the needs and streamlined the distribution system.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Supply Chain Management, University of Texas.
I also have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, University of Texas.


Ready to disclose at the time of interview or when demanded

You may be a highly qualified person for the position of a distribution analyst, and yet your qualifications, experiences and skills are to be judged by the distribution analyst resume, which you have to submit to the prospective employer along with the application. The resume is an eye opener for getting your interview call. The importance of distribution analyst resume is that it should prove that you are capable for providing good customer service to the organisation and will be useful in the improvement of the business.

Besides containing your job skills, experiences and required qualifications for the job of a distribution analyst, the details of distribution analyst resume may also include your voluntary services and established public contacts, which is a required factor in business activities and its improvement.

Apart from providing your contact details, if you are citing some prominent personalities as your references, then get the permission of those people, before including their names as references in your resume or when you use their names at the time of interview.

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