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Desktop Support Analyst Resume

Job Description:

Apart from installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software, a desktop support analyst has to analyze whether systems, network and devices are working as per the prescribed standards and requirements. The significant duty of the analyst is to provide necessary advice to the management on procuring and upgrading the systems.

A desktop support analyst has to provide support to the manager and the user administration and get their coordination in desktop support activities. The users may call and explain problems in their systems, regarding hardware and software, and the desktop support analyst should resolve their problems. He or she has to develop and execute test system modifications and improvements in performances.

A desktop support analyst has to provide first line connectivity and standard applications such as MS office. The users will request for supports through telephone and e-mail and the analyst has to attend to their requests. It is the duty of the desktop support analyst to take preventive methods to avoid problems that may come across in computer peripherals, printers, desktops and laptops.

He or she is responsible to maintain inventory of hardware and software through standard asset management system and procedures. He/she has to install and support the personal computer systems of all employees of the organization.

Catalina M
792, Hinkle Deegan Lake Road
Phone: 607-293-8854

Job Objective:

I am a highly qualified desktop support analyst and seeking the same position in a renowned organization to ensure smooth functioning of hardware and software components of the systems.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Possess good experience in handling all types of desktop activities including installation, upgrading and resolving the problems as well as network administration
  • Have excellent knowledge of computer hardware and software components
  • Have got good analytical skills and can easily identify the errors and provide appropriate solutions
  • Highly competent in coordinating with all the employees and can effectively communicate with them
  • Have the ability to perform independently and at the same can produce excellent team work
  • Have the capacity in configuration of protocols such as TCP/IP/SPX/DLC
  • Possess exceptional qualities in solving all types of problems and satisfactory customer services

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a desktop support analyst in XYZ Software Solutions, Evans City, PA from January, 2005 to till date and have the following responsibilities.

  • Provided necessary and efficient support to on site plant personnel in setting up, configuration, troubleshooting, analysing and repairs of all computer systems.
  • Responsible for maintaining inventory of hardware and software components and for ordering new supplies, as and when found necessary
  • In charge of identifying defects and resolving them in respect to Windows 2000 and Windows XP desktops
  • By using the track system, attended the calls
  • Efficiently managing and monitoring remote sites by using Cisco-VPN clients and Microsoft desktop
  • Developed and executed the procedures in order to recover the lost data that occurred due to hard drive failures
  • Utilised the company resources and available finances to its maximum capacity and completed the installation and configuration activities ahead of the schedule, which benefited the company

Professional Experience:

Position: Desktop Support Analyst
Company: Alliance Technologies and Solutions, Durham, NC
Period: June, 2001 to December, 2004
Responsibilities Held:

  • Identified the problems in the systems and resolved many of them and forwarded some of them to concerned departments for providing solutions.
  • Organised training courses for the benefit of users in handling and operating the systems and network technologies.
  • Periodically checked all the computer systems, printers, communication devices and other equipment installed in the organization and resolved the problems instantly and ensured smooth functioning.
  • As per the requests of the users, had helped them in either installing new systems or enhancing the capacities of the existing systems.
  • Never compromised on the qualities and standards of the desktop support components and ensured that high quality components are used in the organization.

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology form a University in Boston.
I also possess a certificate in Desktop Application Training.


Available upon request

When you are creating a desktop support analyst resume, to be appointed in that position, keep it in mind the interests of the employer. Unlike one or two decades before, nowadays, the jobs have become more responsible and demand inherited specialized skills. Even an experienced candidate cannot cope up with the latest improvements in computer technologies and it is necessary for the candidate to enrich his/her qualifications and skills to suit the current trend.

The importance of desktop support analyst resume is that you have to update your resume with your newly acquired skills and send it to the employer. Further, the details of desktop support analyst resume should contain your accomplishments, skills and experiences that have direct connection with the job requirements, you are looking for.

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