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Currency Analyst Resume

A currency analyst resume is written by a person who has knowledge of the stock exchange and money matters. The job of this person is to predict the market values of foreign currencies with respect to the US dollor. His work helps the companies in risk management, deciding upon potential investment plans, and planning overseas operations. He has to have a complete knowledge of the market trends and the past trends of that currency with respect to the overall economy of that country. Only then he could make near about correct predictions.

Such people act as advisors to companies and help them by presenting to them well-researched data and findings. They are the financial backbone of the companies. It is the need of the society, a society that we inhabit now, to place all the bets on money. Even the basic sensibilities and emotions are now being driven by copper and processed tree pulp. Such is the state of affairs that we can no more survive for a day without money, although survival without love and ethics is perfectly possible and largely advocated too. While those without such affiliations to money are scorned upon by the materialistic society, those with wicked dispositions and money in their suit pockets are praised and made role models. All in all, the conclusion is that this position of a currency/ bank analyst is a pretty important one.

Following is a resume sample showing how to write a resume for this position and what kind of format and style to apply to it in order to make it more appealing and interesting (information rich).

Currency Analyst Resume Sample

Kevin Duncard
11, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To apply my expertise in making financial analysis and studying markets in order to enable the company to keep a steady growth rate without suffering the ups and downs of the money market.

Profile Summary

  • Complete understanding of the market dynamics and rich experience of dealing in currency market since last 7 years
  • Experience of 3 years working with ABC Bank on Wall Street (2007-2010)
  • Working with FGH Global Investment for 3 years (2010-Present)
  • Have developed detailed financial models on market trends and actively contributed to the investment plans of the bank

Skill Set

  • Thorough knowledge of fanatical models and principles
  • Always up to date with the relevant currency rates and trends
  • Ability of research and collect all the required information to make successful market predictions
  • Excellent time management skills to complete the given task within the given deadline
  • Good ability to perform even under pressure
  • Effective communication skills for smoothly interacting with people and send across the message in clear words

Work Experience

FGH Global Investment
Financial Research Analyst (2010-Present)

  • Analyzed the company's investment plans and briefed them on the findings
  • Specialized in currency management and futures securities investments
  • Worked in a team to research and study foreign exchange trends

ABC Bank, Wall Street
(2007- 2010)

  • Analyzing the currency situation and the current market to make inferences about its economic and industrial effect
  • Preparing analysis on short-term and long-term investment proposals and the risk factor associated with them
  • Gathered and studied the companies' financial statements and judging by its nature its competency of making future investments.


  • MBA in Banking and Investment, New York College of Management Studies, 2006
  • Graduation in Arts, New York University, 2004


In bullet points format, list some of the important professional achievement s of your career.

This is how a currency analyst resume is written. While going through this sample notice the way in which the entire information has been arranged by dividing it all into separate sections. Notice the headings and the bullet points used here to provide distinctive look to each section and point respectively. Each section needs to be filled with only the relevant information as shown here. You can include your achievements in 2-3 bullet points. A reverse chronological order is to be followed whenever you are writing about your work experience, education and achievements; starting from the most recent one and gong back. So, all the best.

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