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Crime Intelligence Analyst Resume

A crime intelligence analyst resume is written for a highly specialized job that involves working with the FBI on various cases. Such individuals have to maintain the highest levels of integrity towards their duty- the duty to serve their country and protect it against domestic and international threats. These individuals are trained by the FBI in three different areas- tactical, strategic, and report collecting. The nature of work varies for all the three of these categories. While a person in the tactical team would work on a case to case basis, he will help the FBI agents in gathering intelligence data against certain gangs (mostly domestic) so that the FBI can arrest these criminals before they commit further acts of crime. On the other hand, a criminal intelligence agent working in the strategic division, is often used in long-term cases that involve far greater levels of intelligence gathering and a deeper research over a long period of time. They work on international assignment and often have to go under cover to gather more intelligence. The primary task here is not to just arrest the criminals, but also to reach deeper to the source and then apprehend the it at its starting point. The third category here is the report collecting. It involves people who collect information from the above two sources and then arrange it all according to proper categories. Often the information flow from the tactics and strategic intelligence agents, and other US intelligence agencies is so much that it becomes very hard to properly organize and understand so much information. Therefore, a report collecting intelligence agent works towards arranging all this data so that the right information is easily available in the database as and when required for reference.

Following is a sample resume for applying to such a post.

Crime Intelligence Analyst Resume Sample

Harry Eastwood
16, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


An energetic and resourceful person, I am skillful at assimilating information and putting it to use and look forward to contributing towards the work of gathering intelligence for minimizing crime.

Profile Summary

  • 3 years of experience in research, evaluation, and correlation of information while working with the FBI in Los Angles division.
  • Have experience of working on homeland operations, as well as on collaborative efforts with other international intelligence operations.
  • Contributing agent to the success rates of the recent CIA operations around the entire US.
  • Specialize in tactical intelligence information gathering.

Skills Summary

  • Good at information gathering and its classification under different and relevant categories.
  • Initiative taking personality with an ability to lead a team on new projects and delivering the required results.
  • Good communication skills for ensuring clear and proper information flow between my department and the other departments.
  • Excellent research, collection, correlation and evaluation of the information for cross checking its accuracy.
  • Excellent with operating computer systems and using internet.

Work Experience

FBI, Los Angles Division
Crime and Intelligence Analyst (2009-Present)

  • Worked in the tactical division of the information gathering.
  • Operated in the field and used to keep tabs on the suspects.
  • Specialized in surveillance; used bugs (mics, hidden cameras, etc) to spy and collect intelligence info on our suspects.
  • Worked undercover in the streets.
  • Trained men to infiltrate into the gangs and collect intelligence data for the office.
  • Compiled the information and arranged it properly for supporting the FBI agents during making arrests; this info also came handy in court trials.

Other Experiences

  • Served in the military intelligence wing in Pentagon from 2005-2008.


  • ACJIS certification
  • Masters in Defense Intelligence, Army and Navy Academy, Carlsbad, California, 2004
  • Graduation in IT Engineering, New York University, 2002


In bullet points format, list some of the important professional achievements of your career.

This is how a crime intelligence analyst resume is written. Observe the preciseness and clarity of the entire resume. This style of writing is to be necessarily incorporated by you in your draft. The experience and educational qualifications matter a lot; substantiate your claim for this job with these two sections, along with a strong work experience and skills summary section. And in the end, proofread your resume properly so that not even a single shred of error or a typo goes unnoticed. Since this is a crime and intelligence data analyst resume, it will be of utmost concern to the recruiter that he sees an immaculate, perfect resume before his eyes.

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