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Configuration Analyst Resume

Job Description:

The main responsibility of a configuration analyst is to ensure consistency between the performance of a system and the purpose for which it was installed. If necessary, he or she will make changes in the configuration to achieve the planned objectives. Configuration involves changing the settings and features of software. A configuration analyst has to assist in the configuration of the company applications according to the needs of the business firms and he or she has to prepare the necessary documents for getting the approval of the business owners.

A configuration analyst is also required to assist in respect of system analysis, design, development and testing activities and to provide support in testing patch releases for up gradation of the systems. However, he or she has to maintain configuration policies and procedures while attending to the work regarding configuration of systems.

A configuration analyst has to review and then only recommend changes in the configuration processes and resolve issues within the specified time. Besides attending to his/her duties, a configuration analyst has to provide technical guidance to the juniors in carrying out their jobs. In respect of designs, assess and analyze all the possibilities and choose the best option to meet the exact business requirements.

Carol D
2068, Godfrey Road
New York
Phone: 212-588-6619

Job Objective:

I am looking for a position of a configuration analyst in a well established firm that offers guidance for my professional growth.

Skills Possessed:

  • Can define and execute test strategies according to the business requirements.
  • Possess excellent communication, organizational, interpersonal skills.
  • Never let down the customers and always satisfy them by providing best services.
  • Proficient with HTML, Java, SQL, C, C++ and XML.
  • Possess deep knowledge of MS tools such as MS office products, MS Access, SQL server and MS projects.
  • Have the ability to perform multi tasks within the specified time and solve arising problems instantly.
  • Can conduct sample surveys to find the requirements of the latest businesses.
  • Thorough with the knowledge of terminologies, analytical tools and applications in respect of software configuration functions.

Professional Experience:

Post Held: Configuration analyst
Company: Johnson Systems and Solutions, Kosse, TX
Period: January, 2005 to till date

Roles and Achievements:

  • Have analyzed the methodologies to determine configuration requirements and made necessary changes accordingly
  • While making configuration management analysis process, the established policies, standards and procedures were maintained strictly
  • Have performed system testing and quality testing to ensure that the performance is according to the expectations and process provides the desired outcomes
  • Have taken remedial measures to skip and get rid of inconsistencies in the performances
  • Have co-operated with programmers, technicians, developers and testers to ensure the efficient performance of configuration functions
  • Thought twice before configuration changes are made so that changes correlate with the requirements, security angles, budget estimates, user friendly, etc.
  • Handled tactically the uncertainties due to changes in configuration and managed the situation by allowing the changes to take place.

Professional Experience:

Post Held: Configuration analyst
Firm: ABC software Solutions, Reasnor, IA
Period: January, 2000 to December, 2004

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Had assisted the management and staff in developing new projects and plans
  • Paid heed to the requests of the clients and satisfied them by providing necessary services
  • Developed and executed new test strategies
  • Necessary configuration changes were made to meet the business requirement of the clients
  • Had documented all configuration changes and processes and updated them for the benefit of regular users

Educational Qualifications:

I have a Master's degree in Management Information Studies from a University in California.
I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from an Institute of Technology in North Virginia.


Available on request

While preparing the configuration analyst resume in order to get that position, you are expected to map your contributions with what the organization is looking for. The importance of configuration analyst resume is to customize and update your resume as and when required. The employers expect the resumes to go in a way to satisfy their expectations and job requirements.

While explaining the details of configuration analyst resume, the contents should give statistical figures of your achievements with your previous employers and how you were beneficial to the organization. You might have been responsible for a good amount of savings and a sizable percentage of profits and these achievements are required to be presented in facts and figures. The figures in your resume should speak of your skills and the design of the resume must make the employer to go through it fully.

The resumes should not contain generic details such as responsibilities, skills and tasks, but should contain achievements and tasks in terms of quantities as well as qualities.

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