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Capacity Analyst Resume

Job Description:

The major responsibilities of a capacity analyst include making long term and short term forecasts in support of the operational teams of an establishment to prepare effective and useful plans for implementation. A capacity analyst can shine in any field and normally he or she is appointed in information technology field and other business establishments.

The main duty of a capacity analyst is to perform variety of tests and assessments on the capacity purchased. These tests are essential to ensure whether the capacity purchased is sufficient enough to fulfil and achieve the organisational goals. He/she, as a capacity analyst, plan and establish the capacity management program, work with the team that operate and execute programs in order to evaluate the performance of the systems.

The aim of this evaluation is to determine maximum configuration and perform several duties so as to ensure the successful implementation of the capacity management program. A capacity analyst has to facilitate collection, consolidation and quality assurance in respect of capacity requirements from the business outlets like sales and customer service. He/she has to forecast capacity plans for the near future say for the next five to six months and for a longer period of more than a year.

Laura M
4746, Camel Back Road
Phone: 918-594-5854

Job Objective:

I am seeking to secure a position of a capacity analyst in well established concern to prove my skills.

Skills Possessed:

  • I am fully aware of capacity management and methods and metrics.
  • I am possessing certificates in Linux and UNIX administration.
  • I have great experience in the use of Oracle and SQL.
  • I have excellent analytical, problem solving and decision making skills to deal with any situation.
  • I am technically sound in Microsoft software applications including Power point and Excel.

Professional Experience:

I am presently working as a capacity analyst in Majestic Software Solutions Company located in Midland, TX-79701 from January, 2007 to till date and I am responsible for the following assignments.

  • I have built the capacity management models and metrics in respect of demand forecasting and capacity planning.
  • I have been responsible for identifying complicated technical problems erupted in production systems and resolved them with proper solutions.
  • I am responsible for documentation of all the plans regarding capacity management and other projects and processes.
  • I have worked and co-operated with all the resources engaged in capacity planning and ensured consistency in all the processes and implementation.
  • I have forecasted the factors that are directly affecting the current platform capacities and performances and ensured the accuracy for future guidance.
  • After analysing the trends, I have suggested necessary recommendations to assure maximum utilisation of hardware, software and network resources.

I had also gained experience by working as a capacity analyst in Grand Software Solutions in Layton, VT-84041 from January, 2003 to December, 2006 and my achievements during my tenure are as follows.

  • I had analysed and studied the market behaviour periodically and estimated the amount of demand for the products and the services expected by the customers.
  • Using my capacity management skills, I had controlled the activities by comparing the planned output and actual output and analysed the reasons for the imbalances and corrected them by suggesting necessary solutions.
  • After designing the capacity management programs, I took important and essential steps to ensure to achieve the desired goals by implementing the programs successfully.
  • While planning the projects, I always forecasted the deficiencies, irregularities, uncertainties and threats and had reserved plans for successful execution.


I have a Master's degree in Business management from a University in Texas.
I have a B. Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from a University in Washington.


Available upon request.

It has become conventional as well as essential to enclose a well prepared resume with any application seeking for a position in all well established organisations. The employers also expect resumes so as to use the resumes as a tool for rejecting many of the candidates to shortlist the aspirants for interview call. Likewise, one has to prepare an attractive and eye-catching capacity analyst resume to secure that job in that required field.

The importance of capacity analyst resume is that you have to indicate how you stand out from other candidates by informing how you will be an asset to the employer beyond from explaining your roles and responsibilities performed or to be performed. The employer should think that you will add value to the performances of the company in all respects.

The details of capacity analyst resume should not contain inaccurate and false information about your skills and achievements. You have to be honest and show your integrity in explaining your accomplishments and objectives. In fact, honesty is more important than accuracy.

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